Biden’s response to the Cuba crisis is weak

Another alternative viewpoint from Cuban exile writer Juan Abreu about the current Cuba situation, posted on his blog Emanaciones (my translation):

President Biden has imposed some little sanctions on the Cuban dictatorship. He should stop fooling around and impose sanctions that hurt the dictatorship. For example. Shut off the flow of what sustains it. That is to say, absolutely prohibit the remittances sent by Cuban immigrants (there are almost no exiles by now) from the US. Zero remittances from the USA. To say one must maintain that obscene traffic for humanitarian reasons is not only hypocritical but selfish. Most Cubans don’t have anyone to send them money from the US. Let my relatives live a little better, at least have food, and to hell with the rest, and let all Cubans, including my relatives, remain under the debasing dictatorship for however long it may be. Sixty years more! In any case, the ones who are going to take to the streets are those on the bottom, the rabble, the chusma who don’t receive remittances; they’re the ones who’ll get beaten up and the ones who’ll get killed, and if by chance they succeed someday, freedom would then be for all Cubans, wouldn’t it?

I think it’s time to reconsider that “humanitarian” financing. How can it be humanitarian to finance an anti-human regime? 

Whether one agrees with Abreu or not, Biden certainly will not do what he suggests, and if somebody did it, the usual suspects would scream bloody murder–which of course they have not done regarding the oppression and repression of the Cuban people by the dictatorship. A relatively more realistic proposal is for Cubans living abroad to send only indispensable aid and stop all trips to and from the island unless absolutely critical–in other words, reduce the flow of revenue to Castro, Inc. as much as possible. Alas, that’s probably not going to happen, either. 

Lord have mercy.