Mexican President praises Cuban dictatorsip, calls for dismantling of the Organization of American States

AMLO and his role model

From our Bureau of Diehard Communist Cretins Who Would Love to Starve You Slowly While They Live in the Lap of Luxury and Torture You or Kill You if Dare to Complain

Words of wisdom from a great admirer of the achievements of Castrogonia. Latrine to the max. Ultra Latrine. Hyper-Latrine. An exemplary son of Latrine America.


From El Guasintonpó (Washington Post)

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Saturday that Cuba is an “example of resistance,” and proposed the entire country should be declared a World Heritage site.

While much of Cuba seems stuck technologically in the middle of the last century, López Obrador did not appear to be speaking ironically when he proposed the world heritage designation, which is usually used by the United Nations to honor historical sites.

The Mexican leader praised Cuba’s ability to stand up to U.S. hostility since 1959. López Obrador did not mention recent street protests that were violently repressed by the Cuban government. López Obrador has in the past stated his opposition to U.S. sanctions that limit commerce with the island, and said they should be ended.

López Obrador also said the Organization of American States should be replaced “by a body that is truly autonomous, not anybody’s lackey.” Mexico has publicly disagreed with the OAS leadership over its role in the political situation in countries like Bolivia.

López Obrador spoke Saturday at a ceremony attended by Cuba’s foreign minister to mark the 238th birthday of Simón Bolívar, who led the fight to liberate several South American countries from Spanish rule in the early 1800s. The Mexican government has said it is sending two navy ships to Cuba with food and medical aid on Sunday. The Foreign Relations Department said the ships will  carry oxygen tanks, needles and syringes, and basic food items like rice and beans.

The announcement came on Thursday, the same day that the U.S. government tightened the sanctions on some Cuban officials after they violently put down rare street protests earlier this month. The new sanctions target a Cuban official and a government special brigade the United States says was involved in human rights abuses during the government crackdown.


3 thoughts on “Mexican President praises Cuban dictatorsip, calls for dismantling of the Organization of American States”

  1. Right. And this eminently Mexican and quintessentially Latrine creature is an example of miseria humana. What a miserable POS. Well, it could be worse–at least he’s not Cuban.

    And by the way, considering the shape Mexico is in, and its profound and seemingly congenital dysfunction, the last thing this guy should be spending time, energy or resources on is helping Castro, Inc. stay afloat. Again, what a POS.

  2. I know that Mexicans with their exaggerated sense of machismo are consumed by the humilating defeat that they suffered at the hands of the Americans over 170 years ago and the subsequent lost of half of Mexico, but López Obrador takes the need of revenge most of them feel to an extreme. I go to Mexico every year on a business trip. All of that foreign aid he gave Cuba should have been distributed among the poor Mexicans with five children that have to sell tortillas o the street to etch out a living.

    Quite honestly, I’ve had it with Mexicans and especially, the chicanos. We get nothing but grief from them. Look at this crappy public statement from LULAC [which pretends to be an organization that represents all “Latinos” but really only represents chicanos] made about the protests in Cuba:

    It blames the protests primarily on the food and medical shortages and although it gives some lipservice to the repression, its ends up askng Biden to lift the embargo!

    Seriously, Mexicans and chicanos have been comletely detrimental to us.

    • Mexico has no business helping Castrogonia when it so badly needs to help itself. But, Mexicans put up with this kind of shit from their president, and they also elected this POS in the first place. They’re a mess.

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