Another young Cuban teenage girl awaiting trial for peacefully protesting, placed under house arrest

While the world keeps looking the other way in the hopes the communist Castro dictatorship gets things under control in Cuba soon so they don’t have to act, Cuban children keep paying the price for their apathy.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Nara Kelly Clavijo, another Cuban adolescent awaiting trial for participating in the July 11 protests

Nara Kelly Clavijo Jimenez, a young Cuban of 18, is another of the adolescents in Cuba who find themselves awaiting trial for participating in the July 11 protests with thousands of others who took to the streets to demand their rights and freedom.

“For participating in the protests in Havana on July 11, Nara Kelly Clavijo (18) finds herself awaiting trial while being held under house arrest. The Spread Wings Observatory demands all charges against her be dropped,” said the Cuban Feminist Magazine.

As part of the feminist Spread Wings magazine’s campaign to highlight “Cuban women who participate in politics,” the organization said this is a new and sad case of prosecution of a Cuban adolescent woman for the alleged “crime” of protesting.

In posts published on social media, they said “Nara Kelly Clavijo Jimenez was kept in detention for more than 14 days after taking part in the protests in the October 10 neighborhood of Havana, as part of a peaceful and spontaneous uprising that took place on the island on July 11.”

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