Sixth high-ranking Cuban military official in ten days mysteriously dies

The apparent purge of military leadership by the communist Castro dictatorship is now getting ridiculous. A sixth high-ranking military official in Cuba — in a span of just 10 days — has suddenly died.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The sixth in ten days: Cuban military official Gilberto Antonio Cardero Sanchez dies

State-run television on Wednesday announced the death of “Rebel Army combatant” Gilberto Antonio Cardero Sanchez. He is the sixth military official in Cuba to die since the peaceful protests that started on July 11. The other five were generals.

“His body was cremated and his ashes were placed at the veterans pantheon at the Colon Necropolis, where they will remain until they are transferred to the Frank Pais Second Eastern Front mausoleum in Santiago de Cuba,” said regime reporter Froilan Arencibia, reading an announcement from the Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR).

The announcement by MINFAR did not specify Cardero Sanchez’s rank and neither did it give a cause of death or his age. State-run television did not broadcast any images of the deceased official.

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  1. The purge idea does not convince me, certainly not for old farts who were loyalist types and highly unlikely to be looking for trouble at the end of their lives. It could just be rampant COVID, which I expect is much worse in Cuba these days than the official figures or reports would indicate.

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