Cuban refugees fleeing the communist dictatorship’s violent repression are returned to the island

The U.S. Coast Guard as sent back to Cuba 14 refugees who threw themselves into the sea in a rickety boat to escape the historic wave of violence the Castro dictatorship has unleashed on the island.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

U.S. repatriates another 14 Cuban refugees

On Thursday the U.S. Coast Guard repatriated 14 Cuban refugees who were intercepted off the coast of the Bahamas, the federal agency said.

The group was intercepted last Tuesday when a reconnaissance aircraft notified the Key West Naval Station of a “rustic boat with 14 people on board” traveling approximately 26 miles southeast of Anguilla Key.

According to an official statement from the Coast Guard, the 14 Cubans were put aboard a Coast Guard cutter to be repatriated. They were all in good health, the statement said.

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