Report: Communist Chinese military training Cuban dictatorship’s security forces how to quash protests

If you’re still thinking what’s happening in Cuba is not America’s problem and you can just ignore it, think again. Communist Chinese are training thugs just 90 miles away from our border.

An exclusive report from ADN Cuba:

90 miles from the U.S., a Chinese paramilitary organization is training Cuban oppressors

The repression unleashed by the Cuban regime after the July 11 protests placed the focus on the elite forces of the Interior Ministry (MININT), the National Special Brigade (BEN).

Formed on August 9, 1980, BEN is made up of troops specially trained to confront a variety of situations and combat high impact crimes. Known as the “Black Berets” due to their uniforms, BEN forces far surpass other law enforcement and repressive groups in combat readiness, strength, and audacity.

The simple fact they were deployed to contain and punish the protesters on July 11 is evidence of how much the Cuban regime wanted to punish citizens for peaceful protests. Nevertheless, the “Black Berets” are also deployed often to terrorize and oppress dissidents, opposition leaders, and independent activists.


Photos that ADN Cuba has obtained show evidence that this group, tasked with oppressing citizens to keep the peace and domestic order, has received training from the Chinese People’s Armed Police (PAP), a paramilitary organization responsible for the control of protests and anti-terrorism, which also offers support to the Chinese military.


The photos show BEN troops being trained by military officials of the Asia giant, experts in silencing the people and quashing any show of political opposition or citizen inconformity that may challenge the supposed support enjoyed by the totalitarian Communist Party.

Read the entire article (in Spanish) and see more photos HERE.