Reports of Cuban protesters disappeared by the Castro dictatorship continue to come in

While most folks outside of Cuba have moved their attention elsewhere after the July 11 uprising, the communist Castro dictatorship continues its reign of terror over the Cuban people.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Cubans continue reporting the disappearance of family members after the popular uprising

Family members of those arrested during and after the popular protests on July 11 interviewed by Radio Television Martí are denouncing the situation of their loved ones. Some are being held in prisons while others have gone missing, and tey are also denounce the judicial limbo in which find themselves.

In Guira de Melena, Artemisa, the father of activist Lisandra Gongora’s four daughters Angel Delgado said he has been unable to find out where she is being held.

“I don’t know where she is, I don’t know what prison she’s been put in. They told me she was at the Zanja station and when we went there, they told us she wasn’t there and sent us to Villa Marista. I had some people go there and they told them she wasn’t there either, that she had been taken to Reloj Club. We no nothing for certain. I have three small children who are under my care and they don’t fall asleep until 3 AM, crying and asking for their mother,” said Angel.

In the town of Placetas, Villa Clara, Girobis Rosada described the situation of his wife Nidia Bienes Paseiro as well as the cases of Arianna Lopez Roque and Mitzael Diaz Paseiro.

“On Tuesday both (Nidia and Arianna) were transferred to the Guamajal women’s prison. We have no idea how they are doing there, there is no communication. We have heard nothing about them. In the case of Mitzael, I went to take him some of his belongings at the Pendiente prison where he had been transferred and they refused to take it. We don’t know anything,” said Rosado.

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