Cuban dictatorship cuts off internet in several cities across the island

The communist Castro dictatorship considers the free flow of information and communication among the Cuban people a major threat to its grip on power. Only totalitarianism fears information.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Reports of internet being cut off in several cities in Cuba

Hundreds of Cubans on Saturday reported that internet access in several cities in Cuba had been cut off and are accusing ETECSA, the State’s telecom monopoly, of being behind it. Internet access cut offs have become more frequent since protests began on July 11.

Activist and visual artist Salome Garcia Bacallao went on Facebook and asked if “the internet has been knocked down again.” Some thirty people responded that was indeed the case.

The reports coming in show the cut offs are happening in Central Havana, Mayabeque, Cerro Municipality, and in the eastern part of the country.

Journalist Mario J. Penton said the internet service interruption was to prevent Cubans on the island from seeing the rallies against the island’s dictatorship that took place in some U.S. cities, such as the one at Miami’s Bayfront Park.

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  1. Can you imagine Big Tech’s response if this happened in a place like apartheid South Africa? Total mobilization of resources to bypass regime tactics and absolutely furious virtue signaling. But in Cuba? Nah.

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