Cuba’s top labor union sides with the communist party, supports violent repression against protesters

If Cuban workers were hoping to get some support from the main labor union on the island, we have some bad news. This is the socialist “workers’ paradise” in Cuba leftists applaud and admire.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The regime’s union supports the repression in Cuba and condemns the July 11 protesters

While unions in the majority of countries throughout the world have expressed solidarity with the popular protests against inflation, bad government polices, and general misery, the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC) has once again gone in the opposite direction. Since July 11, when thousands of Cubans took to the streets in dozens of cities in Cuba in anti-government protests, their support has been for the repression and disqualification of the protesters.

Those who protested and suffered at the hands of police and security forces came from working-class households. Many work in the informal sector of the economy such as the self-employed who have been bankrupted by restrictions and high taxes and students who are the children of workers. However, the CTC, the only legal trade union on the island, gave its support to its leader, the Communist Party, which being the party-state-government, is the largest employer in Cuba.

“The CTC condemns demonstrations and disorder in Cuban cities,” was the title of the official statement put out by state-run media to announce the organization’s position.

The regime’s union not only rejected the protests, but classified them as “illegitimate.” Likewise, it gave its “unconditional support for the revolutionary and patriotic response,” referring to the violent repression used against peaceful demonstrators.

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  1. There is no labor union in Cuba. It’s just a sham, like the “elections.” But hey, lots of people buy shams.

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