COVID plague update: As the death toll rises, Cubans are being buried in mass graves

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice From the Cradle to the Grave

It’s looking a lot like 1349 in Cuba nowadays. Just as during the Black Death back in the 14th century, the corpses are piling up so fast that they are being tossed into mass graves.

Marti Noticias reports:

“They wrap them [the corpses] in a black nylon, that’s how they send them to the municipality of Manuel Tames, for a mass grave that they opened there. They are transported in cars from ETECSA (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, S.A.), because there aren’t enough funeral cars.” Dairis González Ravelo said that, in an emergency, they put up a wall in the municipal cemetery of the city of Morón, in the province of Ciego de Ávila, to prevent the area where they are burying the dead from COVID-19 from being visible.

So much for socialist health care, so much for socialist social justice. Naturally, Castro, Inc. is denying any such thing is taking place. But, as videos keep popping up on social media that prove they are lying, they double down on their lies by claiming that the videos were recorded in some other country.

Keep on lying. It has worked for 62 years, seven months, and three days. Keep on keepin’ on’….. make the Big Lie even bigger..

Loosely translated from Ciber Cuba:

Reports of burials in mass graves in Cuba have shocked Cubans these days on social networks. The images dismantle the speech of Humberto López on the national television newscast, who denied their existence.

On July 27, Raidel Garsia from Santiago denounced on his Facebook profile that his grandmother had been buried in a collective grave in a cemetery in the town of Juan González, near the Guamá municipality, in Santiago de Cuba.

The complaint was accompanied by a video showing a large grave where the gravediggers placed at least two coffins.

Among the crowd of mourners, someone shouted “we are not dogs” and another warned that the deceased were being buried in coffins without a number or other location information, which makes it difficult to render posthumous honors and the exhumation of the body in the future.

CiberCuba wrote to Mr. Garsia, who not only has not responded to the message, but has not republished anything since July 28.

Garsia’s video went viral and several independent media echoed the news. On July 31, the presenter Humberto López assured in the stellar broadcast of the NTV that the images did not belong to Cuba.

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