Biden appoints dictatorship-loving Ricardo Zúñiga to office in charge of Cuban affairs

Zúñiga and his former boss plotting the betrayal of the Cuban people

From our Bureau of Highly Predictable Bad News

Well, well… looky here Mildred. Jar-Jar Biden has placed one of the chief architects of Obama’s Cuba policy in charge of his administration’s Cuba policy.

Sure, sure, the appointee will be overseeing the entire Western hemisphere, not just Castrogonia. But, keep in mind, Mildred, Castrogonia has spread a potent virus throughout the entire hemisphere and this guy — a Wahoo from the University of Virginia (where Tres Fotutos used to teach)— has already demonstrated a profound affection for the dictatorship that spreads that virus.

Please notice, Mildred, that the State Department announcement of his appointment very carefuly HIDES his previous role in handing the Castro dictatorship the largest and most splendid gift they have ever received.

So, get ready for another “thaw”, Mildred. Yee-haa! Now, as soon as this plague subsides, we’ll be able to take another dream vacation in an all-inclusive apartheid resort and be waited on hand and foot by those Cuban noble savages!

Zúñiga and Ben Rhodes plotting the betrayal of the Cuban people

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

This was reported by Julie Chung, who until this Tuesday served as interim undersecretary of the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the State Department on her Twitter account.

“Today is my last day as undersecretary. It has been a privilege to serve the American people alongside my passionate colleagues. Our work to strengthen democracy, increase security, and promote American interests will continue to be carried out by Ricardo Zúñiga, ”she wrote in the first of five farewell messages from his duties.

Zúñiga’s appointment to the position will be on an interim basis, since the official appointed to serve as undersecretary of state, diplomat Brian Nichols, is still awaiting a confirmation hearing in the Senate.

Zúñiga worked as a special envoy of the United States for Central America and was in the vortex of the negotiations and negotiations to seek solutions with the governments of the region in the face of the migratory crisis that is pressing on the Mexican border. At 52, Zúñiga has held different responsibilities at the diplomatic and governmental level.

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, he graduated in Latin American and International Studies from the University of Virginia.He worked as a human rights officer in the US Interests Section in Havana and was also stationed in diplomatic missions in Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Portugal.Considered an analyst on the problems of Cuba and the Caribbean, he previously served as acting director of the Office of Cuban Affairs in the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the Department of State.

In 2012, he was appointed by Obama as director of Western Hemisphere affairs in the National Security Council, a position from which he deployed his work as negotiator of the Cuba-US rapprochement. with Presidential Advisor Ben Rhodes. Precisely his decisive role in the negotiations that under strict secrecy led to the announcement of the reestablishment of relations with Cuba in December 2014, stirred up the specter of rapprochement with the Raúl Castro regime on the Republican bench.

Cuban-American senator Marco Rubio criticized the appointment of Zúñiga for being “one of the architects of Obama’s appeasement policy towards Havana,” and noted that the decision “reaffirms that the sole objective of the Biden administration is to make concessions to the dictatorship. Cuban “.

“This administration continues to fail the people of Cuba and the Cuban-American community,” Rubio said in a statement sent to CiberCuba.

Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart said on Twitter that “the Biden administration continues to fill positions on the Western Hemisphere with architects of Obama’s appeasement policy towards the Cuban dictatorship. The most recent: Ricardo Zúñiga ”.

5 thoughts on “Biden appoints dictatorship-loving Ricardo Zúñiga to office in charge of Cuban affairs”

  1. This “expert” is from Honduras (like the New York Times‘s Cuba “expert” is from Colombia). His academic credentials consist of a B.A. degree from the University of Virginia, and one can easily imagine what he learned about Cuba there. His services to Obama speak for themselves. Should he ever need some ultra-expert advice, he can always call on Ben Rhodes. But don’t worry, he has the blessings of Joe “Goldilocks” García, who duly crawled out from under some rock to endorse him. What could possibly go wrong?

    I will refrain from commenting on his physical persona and what that might indicate, since that would be, you know, speculative. Let’s just say Cuba’s Bruno Rodríguez should be very pleased.

  2. To state the obvious, we are being mocked, if not taunted–as in “Fuck you.” Again, this is precisely what was to be expected from a Biden admin, so he’s not pulling a fast one. But I suppose people like Carlos Alberto Montaner are still fine with Biden being elected instead of Trump. Maybe we should ask the Estefans.

  3. That photo of Rhodes and Zúñiga, two alien schmucks in confab over the fate of Cuba, is really beyond abominable. To call it an outrage barely begins to cover it. But hey, they had the blessings of “His Holiness.”

  4. Basically, when Lithuania is more hardcore about seeing Cuba free than the US, there’s a serious problem. I’m afraid Cubans are on their own, as they pretty much always have been. And we’re not just dealing with indifference–we’re dealing with perverse people who will make things worse. Lord help us.

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