Shocking surprise! Canadian tourists’ ‘Dream holiday’ in Cuba turns into a nightmare

Claudia Gagné and her husband,

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Okay, this is more of the same. But it is a story worth telling, simply because the level of ignorance and stupidity involved in it is epic. Who in their right mind would seek out a dream holiday in a country ravaged by plague? Never mind the bit about repression and hunger in that country. We all know that Canadians don’t give a hoot about that. But plague?

Then, to top it off, after getting swindled — as if they were mere Cubans — they want to be reimbursed. Good Lord have mercy.

From The Canadian News:

Quebecers have experienced a nightmare during their recent vacation in Cuba. Upon arrival at Varadero airport, the tourists – doubly vaccinated – tested positive for COVID-19. The asymptomatic travelers were taken by ambulance to a clinic where they had to pay for a chest x-ray and a second test. After a 24-hour stay in a “hospital-hotel”, the result turned negative. The travelers interviewed shouted the “scam”.

” The horror ! This is how Claudia Gagné, 60, describes her trip with her husband to Cuba two weeks ago. The couple, who had purchased an Air Canada Vacations package on the Discount Travel website, flew on July 18 from Montreal. They underwent drug testing upon arrival at Varadero airport, as required by Cuba.

Twenty-four hours after setting foot in their hotel on Monday evening, three men knock on their room door. “They tell me: ‘You’re positive, you’re positive! ”Says Claudia Gagné. I ask who is positive, my husband or me. It [l’un d’eux] fact: “I don’t know. ”The other guy, with a walkie-talkie, calls and ends up telling me two seconds later: “It’s you, Madam. “” She asks for paper proof. Could not get it.

Claudia Gagné refuses to go alone by ambulance to the “hospital-hotel”. She prefers to stay in her room with her husband. She gave in on Wednesday morning following a second positive result and at the insistence of the hotel nurse. Once at the clinic, she underwent a chest x-ray and another screening test, for US $ 90. She is then directed to the “hospital-hotel”.

“It is a“ less two-star ”hotel”,. To enter, you have to remove a “big padlock”, she says. “Someone cleared it up, I came in, and they threw it back on me,” she said. I am still alone. I’m scared like that can’t be. “

Claudia Gagné says she was unable to eat for 24 hours and cried a lot. “I left the TV open all night, all the lights on, I slept fully dressed, I slept with my backpack,” she says. She could not reach her husband and he could not find her whereabouts.

Thursday, turnaround: the result is negative. Claudia Gagné is convinced that she has never had COVID-19. She complained to Air Canada Vacations and Discount Travel. She wants her stay in Cuba to be reimbursed.

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  1. I’m afraid people like these are just…defective, probably in multiple ways. Still, they all manage to play victim and never blame themselves for clearly self-inflicted misfortunes. Some psychologist or sociologist should study them as a group and publish the findings, which might yield something useful from such cretins.

    Needless to say, the only possible response to such “victims” is You absolutely asked for it, so STFU.

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