Castro dictatorship gathers only a handful of Cubans for a rally in support of the regime

While thousands of Cubans have protested against the Castro dictatorship all over the island, the communist regime can only gather a handful of people for a rally it threw for itself.

Via AmericaTeve (my translation):

Despite state-run media calling the caravan Thursday morning organized by the Young Communists Union (UJC) on the Malecon in Havana a success, a report from Diario de Cuba provided a video going around on social media that revealed the regime’s constant media manipulation.

Posted on Twitter by someone using the handle CubanoLibre48, the video taken from an elevated perch gives a better idea of how many people, bicycles, tricycles, and cars took part in the caravan that traversed seven kilometers. The procession was flanked by a truck carrying a large-screen television playing videos and music and the video shows the “multitude” of people didn’t even reach 300.

Press reports and descriptions of the event on social media posted by official state accounts avoided mentioning the number of people in attendance. Furthermore, they only showed photos taken at ground level and very short videos.

Being a totalitarian police state, the communist Castro dictatorship could have produced thousands of “supporters” for the caravan if they wanted to. But as this anemic and pathetic display clearly shows, the Cuban regime was not willing to take that risk. In Cuba’s current environment, where so many people have lost their fear of the regime, the last thing they want to do is put a large crowd on the street that can very easily turn on them.

If you want to know how weak the communist Castro dictatorship is right now, consider that they would rather embarrass themselves with the clown show they put on than risk a large crowd and losing control. That’s how bad it is for them at this moment.

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  1. NOBODY in Cuba has believed in the “revolution” for a very long time, meaning this is not a new development, only it is much more clearly evident now. Cubans on the island, however much they may have been psychologically damaged by their totally abnormal and perverse environment, are NOT stupid.

  2. Basically, the shit is old, tired, and not only an indisputable failure but highly toxic–as in poison.

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