Cuban dictatorship awards medals to State Security agents who violently quashed peaceful protests

Not only is the communist Castro dictatorship not suffering any consequences for its violent and criminal response to peaceful protests, they’re giving medals to the State Security thugs who attacked the people.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Ramiro Valdes hands out medals to agents who oppressed the people on July 11th

Ramiro Valdes awarded medals to Interior Ministry (MININT) agents who took part in the oppression of protests on July 11 in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

According to a report in the state-run media outlet Granma, the Cuban Commandant of the Revolution and Vice-Prime Minister awarded the Distinguished Service medal to Lieutenant Julio Cesar Sotomayor Lora and non-commissioned officer Felipe Aparicio Santiesteban. He said both men were “courageous in confronting the acts of this past July 11 in Palma Soriano.”

That town was the second location where protests broke out that Sunday after they began in San Antonio de los Baños in the eastern province of Artemisa, The protests quickly expanded to approximately 30 cities all over the island. Valdes himself was booed by a crowd on that occasion, as reported by Diario de Cuba.

The once feared Cuban Minister of the Interior, a member of Raul Castro’s inner circle, went to Palma Soriano and approached a crowd demanding that he “talk to the people.” However, when several of them started yelling “assassin” and “you’re starving us to death,” he turned around and returned to his car, surrounded by soldiers, anti-riot squads, and agents.

The agents decorated by Valdes work at the Provincial Transportation Unit of the National Revolutionary Police, one of the units of oppression that were mostly responsible for the repression at the protests after Miguel Diaz-Canel wen on national television on July 11 and called on sympathizers to take to the streets and attack the protesters.

In the awards ceremony, Valdes commended the “exemplary service” of other agents present, according to the report.  

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