Daughter of imprisoned Cuban dissident calls for release of July 11 prisoners, denounces disappearances, torture

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Three days from now, hundreds of Cubans will be marking their thirtieth day in prison. In many cases, such as that of José Daniel Ferrer, their families still don’t know where they are being held or even if they’re still alive. Worse yet, they don’t know how their loved ones — if still alive — are being tortured. It’s not a question of not knowing ‘if” torture is being used. They KNOW that torture is an essential component of incarceration for all dissidents in Castrogonia.

And, meanwhile, Cuba continues to hold on to its seat in the UN Human Rights Council

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Marta Ferrer, daughter of Cuban opposition member José Daniel Ferrer García, demanded freedom for those detained after the July 11 protests throughout Cuba, who are still in the island’s prisons for demanding their rights.

“The dictatorial regime of Raúl Castro and Díaz-Canel is responsible for the lives of all those who disappeared on July 11, it is responsible for the life of my father,” Marta said with a broken voice, during a meeting of Republican politicians with members of the Cuban community at Brigade 2506 headquarters in Hialeah Gardens. “We do not know if they are alive or dead, or what torture they are doing.”

The daughter of the leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) denounced that her father “has been imprisoned, kidnapped and tortured in various ways, such as chaining him and dragging him through all the corridors of a prison, chaining him hand and foot in the sun.”

The young woman asked the Joe Biden government for help “to save their lives and so that Cuban families do not continue to suffer.”

“The people of Cuba are not asking for anything other than freedom,” said Marta Ferrer. “When the people have freedom they will have all the other things they need.”

José Daniel Ferrer has been in prison and on a hunger strike since July 11, according to his family.

“I put myself in the place of many mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, who are suffering their disappeared, who are suffering their dead, and that must be changed. We continue to demand faith of life and immediate freedom not only for him, but for each one of the disappeared, “Nelva Ortega, Ferrer’s activist and wife, told CiberCuba.

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  1. If the UN were serious, as opposed to a fraud, Cuba would be suspended from the Human Rights Council.

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