Peru on steep slippery slope towards Cuban-style communist totalitarianism

Say goodbye to your constitution and all your hopes for prosperity….

From our Bureau of Really Bad News, with some assistance from our Latrine America At Its Worst Bureau

Peru has just elected a communist firebrand who plans to turn Peru into another Castrogonian colony, like Venezuela.

Let’s see how long it takes for Peru to turn into an abysmal hell-hole.

Hurry up and eat this bread…. Last time you’ll see any kind of abudance

From the incomparable Mary O’Grady in el Guolstriyurnal (Wall Street Journal)

Guerrillas slaughtered 16 people in a south-central Peruvian village in May. The BBC reported “the bodies had bullet holes” according to a local official, and some, “including those of two children, had been burned.”

The Central Committee of the Militarized Communist Party of Peru, an affiliate of the Maoist-inspired Shining Path, “left pamphlets at the scene ordering people not to vote in the upcoming presidential election,” the BBC said.

Had the Shining Path known that a sympathizer to its cause would be declared the winner of that election, and would fill his cabinet with fellow travelers, perhaps it would have skipped that massacre. Terror is the tool of the Shining Path but power is the goal.

In President Pedro Castillo of the Marxist Perú Libre party, Peru’s narco-guerrillas may believe they have found a legitimate path to totalitarian rule. Most of the rest of the country disagrees.

An early accomplishment of Mr. Castillo is that he has united Peru’s center right and center left. Both hate the Shining Path for its 1980s terrorist rampage that killed tens of thousands of civilians. Peruvian police captured its founder, Abimael Guzmán, in 1992, and the group’s capacity to inflict harm greatly diminished. Today the Shining Path is a big-time drug trafficker and still practices political terrorism.

In his July 28 inaugural address, Mr. Castillo emphasized his determination to rewrite the constitution. He claims to be a democrat. Yet nearly 8 in 10 Peruvians in a Datum poll released in mid-June said they oppose a new constitution. Mr. Castillo’s proposal to have a new Magna Carta drawn up anyway, by an assembly that includes activists chosen by particular social, political and ethnic groups, is pure fascism.

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3 thoughts on “Peru on steep slippery slope towards Cuban-style communist totalitarianism”

  1. On one hand, this is a sad joke, but on the other, it’s potentially disastrous. This guy could turn into another Chávez. At a minimum, it means half or Peruvian voters are seriously dysfunctional and a clear danger to the other half. It is, of course, eminently Latrine, even though this clown is no more Latin than I am Martian.

  2. Peru has a very significant indigenous population which evidently identifies with one of their own, however unwisely. Cubans don’t have that excuse and still flushed Cuba down the toilet. Lord, the disgrace.

  3. I see the same nonsense going on in America. Half of this country actually wants what is going on in Washington.


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