Communist Castro dictatorship continues its political show trials in Cuba

With more than 800 Cubans arrested for peacefully protesting and demanding freedom, the communist Castro dictatorship is working to subject them all to summary trials and eventual imprisonment.

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Political show trials continue with over 800 Cubans ID’d as detained or missing

Summary political show trials continue in Cuba. Havana does not release information on how many arrested, but other sources provide estimates along with concrete data. 14ymedio, the press outfit founded by Yoani Sanchez, estimates more than 5,000 detained. Cubalex, a human rights NGO, identified 806 detained or missing Cubans, related to the protests that began on July 11th, in their database as of 3:54pm on August 9, 2021, but the list is expected to grow.

Journalist Lori Rozsa in her article in The Washington Post today reports on the plight of one mother, who is in Miami, who has not heard from her 29-year-old son since he was arrested during the pro-democracy protests in Cuba. She is one of the hundreds, if not thousands, impacted by the mass arrests and repression unleashed by the Castro regime on July 11th. “Aime Linares dials her son’s cell phone every day, but he never picks up. She hasn’t talked to Nosley Lazaro Dominguez since just before he was arrested in mid-July during huge pro-democracy protests in Cuba. ‘It just rings and rings,” Linares said. “I don’t expect him to answer anymore. But I want one of them to answer it, one of the people who are holding him. And when they do, I will tell them that they are monsters.'” Yuliet Linares, Nosley Lazaro’s aunt, posted on Twitter on August 6th a video her nephew recorded of Cuban agents attacking protestors.

In the Tweet Ms. Linares wrote: “This is the video that my nephew Nosley Lázaro Domínguez broadcast live from Guines Mayabeque Cuba, during the demonstrations on July 12. They beat him and took him prisoner, he is incommunicado, they have not let him make a call to his family, much less let them see him.”

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