Huge rise in deaths in Cuba stresses the dictatorship’s funeral system to its breaking point

Not even in death can the Cuban people find peace and escape the misery and incompetence of communism.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Cuba Funeral Crisis: Coffins Falling Apart, Families Digging Up Relatives to Bury More

Morgues, funeral homes, and cemeteries in Cuba are failing in almost every respect to provide adequate service to families – from coffin shortages to lack of refrigeration for bodies – the Cuban independent outlet 14 y Medio reported on Sunday, due to skyrocketing numbers of deaths on the island.

The Chinese coronavirus crisis has significantly worsened on the island this summer as a result of extreme government mismanagement. The Communist Party has actively promoted foreign tourism from some of nations most affected by the pandemic, including virus origin nation China and 2020 hotbed Italy, and forced citizens to spend hours on long, crowded ration lines to attain basic food goods and other home necessities. Following the July 11 national protests, the Party has also forced citizens to participate in crowded “acts of revolutionary affirmation” to give the world the false impression that the communist system retains popular support.

Cuba has also rejected offers from the international community – including from America – to send doses of some of the world’s most effective coronavirus vaccines, opting instead for several homemade, unproven vaccine candidates. As of Friday, Havana’s Public Health Ministry reported that 72 percent of recently detected cases in the city occurred in people who had received three doses of “Abdalá,” believed to be the most advanced Cuban coronavirus vaccine candidate.

The spike in coronavirus cases has sent the collapsed socialist healthcare system into a frenzy that has significantly impacted other patients, raising the death rate now that individuals with treatable conditions are not receiving the medical care they need. In Havana, central Ciego de Ávila, and eastern Santiago de Cuba in particular, the situation has resulted in an overwhelming number of bodies for the government to handle.

Family members report that funeral homes and cemeteries in many parts of Cuba have run out of lumber for coffins and any fabric to drape the coffins in. Typically, those building coffins in Cuba use black fabric to hide the raw wooden color, but many report running out of black-colored cloth and simply using white, a jarring contrast to tradition. Some reports in Havana indicate that all colors are running now, leaving builders to sloppily decorate coffins in multiple colors.

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2 thoughts on “Huge rise in deaths in Cuba stresses the dictatorship’s funeral system to its breaking point”

  1. Well, they’re third-world savages, so this is about par for the course. Totally “normalized,” of course.

  2. The system is collapsing because it was in lousy shape to start with. Ordinary Cubans are simply NOT a priority to the regime, except when they are seen as a threat to its survival. Social services, including the much-vaunted health care sector, are a sham and a scandal from well before COVID, but the world has been perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to that, and all the regime really cares about is staying in power.

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