New York Times extremely disappointed, angered by Biden’s Cuba policy


From our Tantrums at the Ministry of Truth Bureau

Tremendo berrinche! Quite a trantrum, voiced by El Niuyortain’s brilliant Cuba expert,  Ernesto Londoño and his equally brilliant sidekick Frances Robles, the two human beings who know more about Castrogonia than anyone else on earth, including each and every Cuban.

Oh, my! Cubans are so upset over Jar-Jar’s policies. Cubans know that their salvation — what they truly need — is more remittances from the exile community, more tourists, and more apartheid resorts and hotels. That’s what every Cuban really, really needs and wants, and this is the reason they were so upset on July 11… the demonstrations were not AGAINST the enlightened military junta that runs the country, but AGAINST sanctions imposed by the U.S..

Damn Biden. If this were a fair society he’d have his neck snapped in public. Hanging or guillotine would do. Or maybe a burning would be better, one like those used long ago to burn witches and heretics. He should be made to suffer a slow death.

My God, he’s even WORSE than Trump! What’s wrong with him? Why is he allowing Senator Bob Menendez and all those cretinous exiles in the U.S. formulate his policy? Off with his head!


From El Niuyortain:

President Biden’s presidency raised expectations among many Cubans of a return to the Obama days, when the United States sought to bury the last vestige of the Cold War by restoring diplomatic relations with Havana and calling for an end to the embargo.

Instead, Mr. Biden is taking an even harder line on Cuba than his predecessor, President Donald J. Trump, who tightened restrictions on travel and financial transactions.

The island became an early foreign policy crisis for the Biden administration after Cubans poured into the streets to denounce their authoritarian government and the food and medicine shortages exacerbated by the pandemic. The rare act of rebellion was quashed with the biggest crackdown on dissent in a generation….

To many Cubans who had seen in the election of a Democratic president reason to hope for a return to normalized relations — with more flights to the island and more channels to send cash, medicine and food to loved ones — Mr. Biden’s approach has been a blow…

Many Cubans at home and abroad had expected that Mr. Biden and his Cuban counterpart, President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, would take steps to return to the slow and halting process of normalizing relations.

Cuba experts and American government officials say that Mr. Biden’s policy shift reflects the ascendant influence of Sen. Robert Menendezwho as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee wields enormous power over administration nominees and other administration priorities.

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7 thoughts on “New York Times extremely disappointed, angered by Biden’s Cuba policy”

  1. Is that really a head shot of Londoño? If so, he looks like shit. Is he ill, wasted, or what? Well, even if he’s strung out on some illicit substance(s), he’s a far greater authority on Cuba than “those people” as far as the usual suspects are concerned. As for Robles, I can’t find her background. I suspect she’s US-born, but I doubt of Cuban extraction, more probably Caribbean, like Dominican or Puerto Rican. Does anyone know?

    • A very trusted and reliable friend of mine bet Frances Robles and he told me that she’s Puerto Rican. Ernesto Londoño is of course Colombian. See, this is the problem with this BS concept of “latinidad,” we’re all thrown into the same undistinguished pot, so it then becomes just fine and dandy for two non-Cuban “latinos” to opine about Cuba. We are after all, ALL the same—latinos! Not that the New York Times ever cared much when they had non-“latinos” like the dispicable Wayne Smith, Susan Eckstein or Jeff Flake writing some crap about us! But I suspect that these two have become the lastest non-Cuban experts at the NYTs in order to give off the appearance of being more sensitive and not so tone death. Not that its going to happen, when it comes to Cubans, but GOD FORBID someone accuses them of “whitesplaining.”

      Anyway, I read the article and its so poorly written as to be shocking. For instance, they talk about how hard it is to send money to Cuba because of the US embargo, and then proceed to interview a Cuban living in the UK who sends money to his mother! What? If he has problems sending money from the UK that proves that problem lies with Cuba not the USA. Then he interviews someone else who lives in Leeds who outright lies and says that there was a way to get money to Cuba without the regime taking a big chunk! AN OUTRIGHT SHAMELESS LIE. How the hell can the regime not get part of the money onces it starts circulating in Cuba? That’s like saying that if I put some powdered chocolate into a glass of milk and start stirring, there’s a way to stop the milk from absorbing some of the chocolate power. LORD THE SHAMELESS BOLD FACED LIES!

      The worst part is when they start quoting the regime heads about the effects of the embargo [yes, lets quote the fox guarding the chicken coop] and completely turn the entire July 11th protest into a protest against food shortages and lack of vaccination and when they as usual dismiss the Cuban exile community–through omission–that in the last presidential elections voted like never before Republican in a united front that demonstrated a rejection of rapprochement.

      • Yes, Puerto Rican fits, very likely “Nuyorican” (she went to school in New York). Of course the whole business is a crock, but as long as the target audience buys it, it’s fine. Obviously, “those people” are absolutely not part of that audience, since they can see through the perverse BS in their sleep.

        However, who’s really worse for employing Robles as any sort of Cuba “expert,” the NYT or the Miami Herald? And why would Miami Cubans ever put up with that? Don’t ask.

  2. Needless to say, what actual Cubans have to say is irrelevant unless it agrees with the position of the usual suspects and their approved “experts.” Such a ludicrous position would be comical if it weren’t so obnoxiously presumptuous, patronizing and full of it. And no, it’s not ignorance at work–it’s hijeputez.

    But you’re right, Carlos. It’s all very moving–just the thing to get the constipated to move their bowels.

  3. The painfully obvious question, so obvious that we may err in not articulating it, is this:

    WTF does it really matter what the NYT thinks, or claims to think, or says, or implies about Cuba?

    Answer. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

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