Cuban doctors denounce government’s handling of COVID plague, collapse of health care system

From our Bureau of Blame Boomerangs

As the plague worsens, Castro, Inc. is pulling its usual stunt of blaming someone other than itself for the crisis. Predictably — and stupidly, as usual — it has blamed doctors and nurses.

Surprisingly, those being blamed are not keeping quiet this time, maybe because the situation is so awful and their tongues have been loosened by the July 11 protests.

God only know what price these doctors will have to pay for their honesty, which will be viewed by Castro, Inc. as insubordination and disrespect.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

More than twenty doctors in Holguín denounced the sanitary collapse in the province as a result of the coronavirus and demanded more resources to care for patients and respect for the work they do.

I publicly denounce that the health collapse of our province is not due to the bad work of the doctors and in this way I demand the necessary means of protection and resources so that they can save the Cuban people,” said Natali Ramírez Ibarra, a fourth-year student from Medicine at the University of Medical Sciences “Mariana Grajales”.

In a video broadcast on social networks and WhatsApp states, doctors, residents and students of medicine and stomatology of the city of parks linked to different health care services responded to the criticisms of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz to the doctors who said that “lack of medicines is less than the number of complaints and reports of abuse, neglect” of the medical staff.

Dr. Manuel Guerra, former resident of Gynecology and worker at the Nicodemus Regalado León hospital, denounced his dissatisfaction with the statements of the prime minister “who tried to blame us for the disastrous current hygienic-epidemiological situation in our province,” said the health worker.

The initiative, unprecedented in the recent history of Cuba, arose from the Holguin medical union without foreign support or funding, as explained by Dr. Héctor Alejandro Santiesteban Fuente, second-year resident of Surgery at the Provincial Hospital “Vladimir Illich Lenin”:

“The health collapse of our nation is not a lie, we are not paid by anyone, it is a reality that we are living today in our institution and in many parts of the country.”

“It is not a lack of humanity, it is a lack of resources. Enough already, ”said the surgeon at the Milagros Aguilera Surgical Clinic, while her colleague and her co-worker Rafael Alejandro Fuente Sánchez admitted their fear of reprisals by the Cuban authorities:

We are afraid, but we are not afraid of the pandemic. We are afraid of the government, we are afraid of what it can do and of the way that the fact that we go out to demand our full right and the right of the people to continue receiving quality medical care can be interpreted. “

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2 thoughts on “Cuban doctors denounce government’s handling of COVID plague, collapse of health care system”

  1. Official reply: “As long as health care, of any quality, is free, it’s good enough for the people, so STFU.”

    And no, it will never be the regime’s fault. Nothing ever is. After all, one can always create a scapegoat.

  2. Still, one would think those in power would be a little more tactful and less offensive, especially in light of 11J, but I suppose the health care disaster is so bad that they figure the best defense is a good offense.

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