Handicapped 14-year-old Cuban in prison since July 12 has been tortured, denied visits, phone calls & medications

Christopher Lleonard Santana

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

A complaint, made by the independent lawyer Sergio Osmín Fernández Palacios, has revealed the shocking details of the case. I summarize it in a few words: his name is Christopher Lleonard Santana, he is 14 years old and slightly mentally retarded; He went out on the street on July 11 and, days later, they arrived at his home at three in the morning to arrest him.

Their parents were shown a fragment of a video taken with a mobile phone, in which their son appeared in front of the “Casa Fraga” store, in Águila y Monte, in Old Havana, against which a stone was thrown that broke one of its stained glass windows.

Since then, the Cuban authorities have not allowed him to see his parents, Naika Rosa Santana Leyva and Omar Lleonard Pérez, who were only able to send him some medications (with no guarantee that they would be administered).

The minor was first detained for 12 hours in the police station of Cuba and Chacón, in Old Havana, and then he was detained in the “José Martí” Comprehensive Training School, better known as “El Combinadito”, in Guanabacoa.

Due to the complaints of his parents, we know that for about two weeks this child was not guaranteed access to his daily medication indicated by a physician (RP. 194507) of the Mental Health Center of Old Havana, according to a medical certificate that the mother taught on social media. Lleonard Santana is prescribed Haloperidol, an oral antipsychotic, to control his mental health and emotional stability. It wasn’t until August 8 that authorities allowed the drug to be shipped to him.

A little over two weeks ago, through tears, the child’s mother was able to communicate with him by phone and she learned of the physical abuse she was receiving. Specifically, her son told him that the Interior Ministry officials are hitting and slapping him to get him to confess.

“He is a minor, with special problems. My son takes medications, from the age of five he has been seen by a psychiatrist and they are not giving them to him,” Naika said, next to the photo of a medical certificate that proves the health condition of the young man.

Christopher has been charged with “vandalism”. Due to his age the authorities cannot seat him on the bench. If his guilt and the government’s intention to prosecute him are confirmed, it would be through an administrative process. But Cuban laws do not matter when you are under the “tutelage” of the MININT.

Until the date of this publication, the authorities have not shown the parents any other undisputed expert evidence, except for the aforementioned video, which shows that Lleonard Santana is undoubtedly responsible for the store’s glass breaking. Nor have they shown the expert opinion that proves the monetary value of the damage caused, explains the lawyer.

The sad thing is that Lleonard Santana’s is not a unique or exceptional case.

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  1. For this alone Cuba should be suspended from the UN Human Rights Council, but don’t hold your breath.

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