Son of Cuban dissidents arrested for protecting his parents from a hostile mob, still in jail 5 days later

Andrés Guelmes Cedeño & his wife Odelis Rosales

From our Bureau of Socialist Neighborliness with some assistance from our Bureau of Machete-Wielding Drunken Socialist Goons

Aahhhh…. the wonders of socialism. Paradise on earth.

When insults and machetes aren’t enough to deter malcontent married couples, try to break up their marriage or simply arrest their children and keep them in jail until the two of them shut up and stop disrespecting their wise benevolent rulers..

Watch video below for their personal testimony and be amazed by their palatial socialist home, full of the latest postmodern and postcolonial appliances and accoutrements. How could these beneficiaries of the best that Marxism has to offer be so ungrateful and ornery?

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano:

Cuban dissident Andrés Guelmes Cedeño, denounced that his son was arrested on August 14, for having defended him and his wife from a group of communist aggressors.

According to the activist in an interview for CubaNet, his son, Leanner Andrés Guelmes Rosales, faced a group of government supporters, who were besieging his parents because they are dissidents. .

The events occurred on August 14 in Baire, in the municipality of Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba.

The opponent pointed out that the communist fanatics were “drunk”, and that his son only asked respect for his family. “The response of the mob was to go looking for machetes. I had to hold back my son to avoid a problem, “said the activist.

On that Saturday morning, PNR agents took Leanner to the Contramaestre police station, despite the fact that he had not been violent at any time. According to Guelmes Cedeño, the young man did not receive food throughout Sunday and although the authorities told the family that he had already been released, until this Tuesday he remained in prison.

Leanner’s mother, Odelis Rosales, demanded the immediate release of her son, and denounced the harassment that her family has suffered from State Security.Despite being a doctor, her political activism has made her the target, along with her husband, of harassment by the authorities, as well as, on occasions, by citizens who support the Cuban regime.

“I have suffered because they want me to divorce my husband. They even offered to build me a house if I convinced my husband that he would leave the cause ”, revealed the woman.

At the moment, Leanner Andrés Guelmes Rosales continues to be detained, while the aggressors of his family remain at large.

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