Cuban Ministry of Health official warns of sharp increase ahead in plague deaths

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From our Bureau of Ministers With Unpleasant Statistics and Predictions

Castro, Inc. never tells the truth when it comes to statistics, especially when the numbers are not favorable to its propaganda efforts.

Right now the number of plague deaths is being under-reported. But in days to come it might become harder to hide the truth if a prediction made one official in the Ministery of Health is correct.

The prediction calls for 2,000 positive cases and 800 deaths per day in the eastern province of Granma, beginning some time soon.. That province has a population of 834,380. Do the math and the numbers get very scary. Add the fact that Castro, Inc.’s health care system is already collapsing, and the picture becomes very grim. Lots of suffering ahead, for sure. All of Cuba’s provinces–not just Granma– are experiencing an alarmingly sharp increase in infections and deaths.

Of course, the minister in question is being called a liar and an alarmist. As usual. The truth is always alarming in Castrogonia.

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Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

There is no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba and things can only get more complicated than they are because only in the province of Granma, up to 800 daily deaths are forecast for the beginning of October.”It is possible that, for example, on October 5, we will have around 700 to 800 deaths per day and that we have to avoid,” Dr. Pedro Luis Véliz Martínez, director of the National Council of Scientific Societies, confessed in a television space of the provincial telecentre of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba.

The official also indicated that if the transmissibility of the disease continues as it has been up to now, things will get out of control and in one day more than 2,000 positive cases will be reported in a province of just over 800,000 inhabitants.

The statements of Véliz Martínez have raised the controversy in social networks and while some say that the official was wrong and instead of saying 80 deaths a day he said 800. On the other hand, others say that this confirmation is the first official statement where the true is recognized. dimension of the pandemic in Cuba.

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  1. Based on official statistics, which are virtually certain to be manipulated, at the end of July the COVID situation in Cuba was the worst in Latin America and one of the worst in the world. The infection rate was 10 times the world average, and the number of deaths 6 times the world average.

    And yes, it will get worse because the health system has basically failed, which ultimately reflects the complete failure of the regime in addressing the pandemic. Welcome to the “medical powerhouse.”

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