Cuba’s new internet censorship law can target doctors speaking out about the collapse of healthcare

Castro’s PM Marrero tried to scapegoat Cuban doctors, but they pushed back

Not only is Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship desperately trying to stop Cubans from freely expressing themselves on the internet, they also want to prevent the world from finding out how bad things are on the island.

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Will Castro regime use new internet censorship law to target Cuban doctors who spoke out on public health system collapse in Cuba?

Providing some context to a troubling question.

Frances Robles reporting in The New York Times described how “after Cuba’s prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, said that Cubans were complaining more about doctors and their poor service than they were about the shortages … nearly two dozen young physicians and medical students took to social media to state, one by one: “I am publicly declaring that doctors are not to blame for the collapse of the public health system.”

Sarah Marsh of Reuters described it as a “rare public denunciation of conditions in the island’s hallowed health care system” and made reference to consequences for speaking out critically, but did not provide a specific example.

There are more than one. Here are three well documented cases of doctors who spoke out. The first being abroad didn’t suffer consequences. Two others were not so lucky.

Ernesto Londoño reported on September 29, 2017 in The New York Times that “scores of Cuban doctors working overseas to make money for their families and their country are suing to break ranks with the Cuban government, demanding to be released from what one judge called a ‘form of slave labor.'” Further on in the same article appears the following powerful quote. “When you leave Cuba for the first time, you discover many things that you had been blind to,” said Yaili Jiménez Gutierrez, one of the doctors who filed suit. “There comes a time when you get tired of being a slave.”

Dr Omar del Pozo, a 47-year-old physician and prisoner of conscience, was imprisoned in 1992 and sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence in Combinado del Este Prison for “revealing state secrets”. Amnesty International in 1997 expressed “concern that according to the latest reports his health has deteriorated and in addition to suffering from high blood pressure, apical abscesses, a stomach ulcer and heart and kidney problems, he is also suffering from malnutrition. He is reported to have received harsh treatment and lack of medical treatment in prison.”

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  1. Castro, Inc. CANNOT let its fraudulent but extremely useful health care narrative fall apart. It has been a cornerstone of its PR and a key weapon for its foreign apologists for ages. The serious problems in the system are NOT new, but they are now much more evident, very ugly and exceedingly unflattering.

  2. Marrero, by the way, looks like the trans version of Aleida Guevara, only more porcine than bovine. Yikes.

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