Two members of the Cuban national judo team defect in Madrid

Nahomys Acosta (left), one of the Cuban judokas who defected. .

The communist Castro dictatorship lost two more slave athletes during a layover in Madrid, Spain.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Two judokas defect from the Cuban delegation during a layover in Madrid

Two Cuban judokas, Ayumi Leyva and Nahomys Acosta, defected from the national delegation that was set to compete at the Junior Pan American Games in Cali. During a layover at Madrid’s Barajas Airport, the two athletes were able to escape from the officials who were escorting them and they left the team.

In the end, the Cuban delegation was unable to compete in the juniors tournament. Not only because of the absence of two members, but also because more than half of the team tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival.

Seven of the 12 judokas tested positive when submitted to PCR tests. Tournament rules specify that if more than four members of a delegation test positive, the entire country must withdraw from the competition.

The disqualification of the Cuban team was confirmed by Rafael Manso, the National Judo Commissioner.

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