Cuban dictatorship establishes new harsh regulations to keep slave doctors from defecting to other nations

Slaves with invisible chains

From our Bureau of Socialist 21st Century Neoslavery

In a very poorly written article, Periodico Cubano reveals that Castro, Inc. is tightening its grip on Cuban doctors. The new restrictions will apparently prevent doctors from obtaining any documents that certify their training. So, without documents, doctors will not be able to be hired anywhere outside of Cuba (except those countries where they are sent as slaves, where according to the contract set up by Castro, Inc., asylum can never be granted to any Cuban slave doctor). Without documents, doctors will also be unable to study abroad.

Yes, another heavy set of invisible chains has been forged for Cuban slave doctors, yet that damn program is still being promoted as a top candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

From Periodico Cubano

The precariousness, mistreatment and exploitation that Cuban doctors suffer on a daily basis does not seem to be enough punishment. Now, the regime plans a new strategy to prevent the departure of its doctors to other countries, including through legal channels.

According to a document that circulates on social networks, coined by the Legal Department of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) as of September 1, the titles of those recently graduated doctors will be retained, as well as the academic documents of all the specialties that are hired in the National Legal Consultancies and Collective Law Firms, both undergraduate and graduate.

This is until the database is updated and the Ministry of Health certifies that the health professional is not within the “regulated” category or complying with social service.

Although the authenticity of these prerogatives has not yet been verified by Periódico Cubano, it is not surprising that the regime has such a move up its sleeve to prevent the emigration of young professionals.

The impossibility of legalizing documents seeks to prevent those recent graduates from being able to leave the country through study grants in other nations, one of the most common and safest ways to leave the Island.

The document itself states that the measure has its origin in the complex epidemiological situation suffered by Cuba. Due to the saturation of hospital services, they need to incorporate all the available workforce within and outside the country.

However, the regime prefers to maintain its missions abroad to continue fattening its coffers rather than offer the doctors the opportunity to return.

Cuban doctors not only suffer from exploitation, job insecurity and mistreatment, they are also exposed to the violation of their rights to freedom of movement as they are regulated by the immigration authorities.

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  1. Everyday the regime gets more and more repressive. Of course, this won’t stop the apologists at the New York Times and the rest of the US mainstream media from calling for a lifting of the embargo and acquiencing and capitulating in totality to the regime. Like a vicious circle that only encourages the tyranny to act worst since they have no accountability and their enablers back them up. With each ring of the circle that is tightened, it suffocates the Cuban people more and more every day.

    • That is why it is up to the Cuban people to free Cuba. Non-Cubans will NOT help significantly–they’ve had over 60 years to do it and are still playing essentially the same game as always.

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