Cuban dictatorship continues to deny authorization for U.S. cargo flights carrying humanitarian aid

If you thought the communist Castro dictatorship has any concern for the suffering, starvation, and misery suffered by the Cuban people, think again. They only care about keeping their grip on power.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban government has yet to give landing authorization to cargo flights from the U.S.

The Cuban government has yet to provide landing authorizations to cargo airlines IBC Airways and Skyway, both of which have been authorized by the U.S. to take humanitarian aid to the island.

“We received authorization from the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) to fly into Cuba in early July, but that’s all we have. As of yet, we do not have the authorization to land on the island,” IBC Airways executive Rey Gonzalez told Cubanet.

Gonzalez explained that flights to Cuba can begin “once we have the documents necessary to land in the country. Then we can begin working with local agencies to start sending humanitarian aid. But at this moment, we don’t have that.”

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do until Cuba gives us the authorization to land, and we have no indication from them as to when they will provide that authorization or if they will provide it at all.”

A recent memo from the DOT announced it will temporarily allow cargo airlines in Florida (IBC Airways and Skyway Enterprises) to carry out as many as 10 flights of humanitarian aid per week.

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1 thought on “Cuban dictatorship continues to deny authorization for U.S. cargo flights carrying humanitarian aid”

  1. Even if they get authorization and the flights take place, the regime in Cuba will do whatever it damn well pleases with the aid sent, as has always been the case–including selling it in its hard-currency stores.

    Again, the “revolution” is NOT about ordinary Cubans but about the ruling class keeping its power and privileges indefinitely–as in forever, and we’re not talking about a Woody Allen satire.

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