Cuban dissident Pablo Moya Delá dies as a result of abuse in prison

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Pablo Moya Delá (1955-2021),

Here we go again. Castro, Inc. can wash its hands, since this dissident died outside of prison, but that doesn’t change the fact that their treatment of Pablo Moya amounts to murder.

Beatings, withdrawal of medical care, and inhumane and unsanitary conditions have led to his death.

Watch a brief and very eloquent denunciation of Castro, Inc. by Pablo Moya HERE in Spanish, in which he says ” I’ve got nothing. Which means, that there is nothing left. So the only thing left for me is to keep fighting until the death.”. The link also leads you to a brief biography of this brave Cuban.

The Marx Sisters and the Black Lives Matter folks will be happy to know that another anti-Marxist has died. The fact that he was black made him much more dangerous to their cause than any white anti-Marxist.

Hey, good riddance. One less troublemaker….

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Family members and activists blame the Cuban regime for the death of the opposition and former political prisoner Pablo Moya Delá, who died Thursday at the Clinical Surgical Hospital in Santiago de Cuba.

The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), to which Moya Delá belonged, had announced the day before that he was transferred to intensive care due to the worsening of his state of health and denounced that it was due so much to “the negligence, perversity and cruelty of the dictatorship of Raúl Castro, Miguel Díaz-Canel and their hitmen “.

Weeks ago, Moya Delá had been released from prison with an extra-criminal license due to his poor health, after being incarcerated since October 2020, where he was serving a three-year prison sentence for the alleged crime of “tax evasion.” .

The 65-year-old opponent was arrested in September 2020 after a public protest at the Virgen del Camino, in Havana, where he peacefully demanded that “the regime supply the stores”, an end to the high fines and denounced that the population “suffers of a great lack of everything “.

Days after his arrest, he was deported to Santiago de Cuba, his place of origin, and later taken to the Boniato prison, located in that eastern province. In prison he was beaten and went on a hunger strike to protest the abuses.

“Neither medical attention nor specialists found in this cruel path, only executioners at the service of the regime,” denounced his son, Dayneris Moya, in statements cited by ADNCuba in which he specified that the death of the opponent – in the opinion of the doctors – was due to a bacterium acquired in room 5B of the Clinical Surgical hospital.

Read three more paragraphs HERE in Spanish

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  1. Again, black lives only matter if they can be made to serve the agenda of the BLM crowd. Otherwise, they are entirely inconsequential and irrelevant, and might as well be Irish redheads.

    And by the way, if Mandela were alive, I fully expect he’d still be backing the “revolution” of his buddy Fidel.

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