Concern intensifies over health of imprisoned hunger-striking Cuban dissident Félix Navarro Rodríguez

Félix Navarro Rodríguez

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion with assistance from our Bureau of Ultimate Consequences of All Leftist Policies

Want to see where all Leftism leads? Look no further than this report from Marti Noticias. Tolerance, compassion, open-mindedness. Kiss them all goodbye under the rule of Leftists.

You’re a 68-year-old diabetic recovering from the plague, you have a lung lesion, and you simply want to inquire about the fate of other dissidents who have been arrested. And you end up being charged with assault and public disorder and locked up in some dungeon without a trial.

Then, those who have imprisoned you refuse to give your family any information about you, even after they learn through another prisoner that you have gone on a hunger strike. Paradise. Absolute paradise. Leftist paradise. Very woke.

Felix’s daughter Saylí Navarro, a Lady in White enjoying socialist toleration on a well-cared-for socialist roadway

The health of dissident Félix Navarro Rodríguez, admitted to the infirmary of the Combinado del Sur, in Matanzas, is uncertain in the midst of the hunger strike that began on 23 August.

His daughter, Saylí Navarro, told Radio Martí that the veteran opponent is only ingesting water, according to the message the family received from a prisoner who returned to his house on the 26th. Meanwhile, concern grows about his diabetes and the general health of his father.

“I launch an SOS to the international community for the life of my father who is in grave danger. My father is a 68-year-old man, diabetic, convalescing from Covid and we all know the consequences that this disease leaves behind, ”said Saylí Navarro.

“My father had to be assisted, both with slow and fast insulin; he has a lung injury. His state before the strike was weak. At this time we do not know where he may be or where they are keeping him, “added the daughter of the Matanzas opponent.

Navarro has been detained since July 12, when he appeared at the Perico Police Unit, Matanzas, to learn about the situation of the activists of the Pedro Luis Boitel Democracy Party, which he presides. The authorities accuse Navarro of attack and public disorder.

“To this day, we still have no information from my father. The anguish, the concern are increasing taking into account that, since Tuesday 24 we have been calling insistently to that last number through which my father communicated with us. Most of the time it is busy and, when it rings, nobody answers, ”said Saylí.

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