New estimate: Over 5,000 Cubans arrested for protesting on July 11

Hard-working agents of repression

From our Bureau of Socialist Priorities

Never let it be said that Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of the Interior is lazy. It’s work ethic is downright Calvinist. Rounding up 5,000 protesters isn’t easy, after all, and neither is the job of packing them into small prison cells like sardines in a can.

Oh, and then there is the labor involved in feeding them some sort of slop and disposing of their urine and ordure. And, oh, those sham trials take some time and effort too, even when no lawyers are allowed to take part.. Finally, there is all the paperwork to file away, and all that misinformation to disseminate, and all those pesky relatives to deal with… and on and on…. So many people to silence and punish, so much to do, so little time!

Has anyone ever calculated how much of the national budget in Cstrogonia is allocated to repression? No, of course not, but it’s obvious that it must be a huge slice of their rotten economic pie.

Socialism in action! No complaining allowed! Take a close look, Black Lives Matter, Marx Sisters, and all Wokenoids! Learn a thing or two from these absolute masters of thought control.

Load ’em up, move ’em out….

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Estimates by the Cuban Prisoners Defenders (CPD) organization put 5,000 people detained on the island after the historic protests on July 11. Of the total, more than 1,500 have received “orders limiting their freedom or judicial sentences.”

“We have been able to establish these figures based on tabulated testimonies from more than 130 people in Cuba. This has made it possible to know how many were detained in each province and to find a real minimum number of illegal and arbitrary detentions, ”explained Javier Larrondo, president of CPD.

The estimate is based on a study with detainees in the detention centers of the Ministry of the Interior, carried out among more than a hundred people with whom CPD said they had held “interviews about the arrests that they physically witnessed and that they have been able to enumerate while they were detained. ”.

CPD clarifies that the figures “are a count of people, and not a report of names and surnames of detainees”, because “it would be impossible to obtain them.” The aforementioned study “also involves extrapolation based on the number of detention centers in each town where the protests took place.”

“All of this leads to a realistic but approximate study of the number of detainees on the island in the context of the protests,” said Larrondo.

The complaint also ensures that “overcrowding in detention centers has spread Covid-19 among detainees, to an extent that can be classified as a crime against public health.”

Cells that were destined for four or five people, have been used to house dozens, chest to back, causing a community contagion throughout Cuba in a matter of a few weeks,” Larrondo explained in statements to Radio Televisión Martí.

The report denounces that at least 85% of the trials have been held summarily. In particular, according to the same source, “the Summary Process by Direct Evidence has predominated, where the accused were brought to trial, without the need for a prosecutor or a lawyer.”

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Hey, cut it out, stop revealing our true intentions….

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  1. Sorry, but the prime directive must be observed come hell or high water. You bet repression takes precedence over the needs, let alone mere wants, of “the people.” Hell, it’s no contest.

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