Cuban dictatorship building luxury apartheid hotel and cruise dock in Havana harbor

Socialist racist apartheid at its very best

From our Bureau of Socialist Priorities in Times of Crisis with help from our Bureau of Laudable Socialist Apartheid

A building stolen from its rightful owners in 1960 by Castro, Inc. is being converted into a five-star apartheid hotel. Since this building is at Havana harbor, a docking facility for large cruise ships is also part of the project.

So, come on down superior beings. Come on down and revel in your superiority. Savor our own unique brand of socialist apartheid. Look down your noses at the savages who wait on you and also at those you might encounter on the streets of Havana.

You will be able to enjoy all sorts of privileges that are totally forbidden to the natives, such as abundant food and drink, air conditioning, nice furnishings, luxurious amenities, and so on. Basically everything that will be at your disposal is totally unreachable by those lowly subhuman savages whose only purpose in life is to make you feel good about yourself.

This is socialism at work. This is laudable apartheid, which many intellectuals will praise as an enormous benefit to the subhuman native population. Yes, this is racist apartheid at its very best. Even Nelson Mandela would approve. See his endorsement above.

The customs house B.C. (Before Castro)…. notice section of historic building demolished by Castro, Inc.

Loosely translated from CubaNet

In the midst of the economic crisis that Cuba is going through, the island’s authorities have given the green light to the realization of another ambitious tourism project in the bay of Havana: the construction of a cruise terminal and a luxury hotel in the old Customs building, located on Avenida del Puerto.

The state agency Prensa Latina indicates that the emblematic facility, inaugurated in 1914, will be converted into the Hotel Real Aduana, a work in progress that “will transform the Havana Customs building into a hotel and cruise ship complex.”

The facility, which will have a five-star category, will be operated by Habaguanex, a tourist and hotel group controlled by the Cuban military, and will aim to “crown the efforts to promote and recover island tourism.”

The Real Aduana Hotel will have 55 rooms, from which “you will be able to enjoy the wonderful environment that the bay of Havana offers,” reported Prensa Latina.

The official media adds that the building “has all the characteristics of becoming the most attractive accommodation in the capital of Cuba, based on the existing old structure.”

“The great complex, with its three old breakwaters: San Francisco, La Machina and Santa Clara, has degree II of protection, granted by the National Commission of Monuments of Cuba. This gives extra value to any undertaking that is carried out there, but requires the preservation of its architectural values, as reflected in reports from entities of the country’s Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) ”.

Images shared by the agency itself show that the works are already underway. Likewise, the façade of the installation shows a billboard with the final finish of the project.

2 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship building luxury apartheid hotel and cruise dock in Havana harbor”

  1. Don’t forget the Eastern Orthodox church at left, which I’m sure has done Cubans no end of good. Even if Castro, Inc. was given the money to build it, the extravagant superfluousness of it defies belief. Considering how many people in Havana alone are living in crumbling housing because there is no better to be had, the regime’s building priorities are not just inappropriate but amount to a virtual “Fuck you, lousy peasants.”

    As for the South African Sacred Cow, at least he’s a perfect example of leftist hypocrisy and full-of-it-ness. Besides, some Cubans are not just OK with him but praise and defend him. Ask Carlos Alberto Montaner.

  2. Asombra,

    The Eastern Orthodox Church is run [if I remember correctly] by an orthodox sect not unlike the crackpots of Liberation Theology infamy which is why they were allowed to built that church there. It should be noted that Turkey wanted to built a classic mosque in Cuba that would have been a landmark as they were going to built a replica of a famous Turkish mosque but raul said no, because he knows that Muslims have a mind of their own. As for Mandala, what a detestable man–a terrorist and a communist sympathizer. But an untouchable sacred cow. Little does it matter that the South Africa that he founded is today a living nightmare with the highest murder rate in the world and where white people are marginalized and discriminated. Like Cuba of the early 60’s, whatever prosperity still exists in South Africa is due to the South Africa that came before the debacle. By the way, remember how Miami was boycotted for having the temerity to protest against Mandala? Then we had that cojonesless Mayor Alex Penelas apologizing for us! As for Carlos Alberto Montaner, he’s another piece of human excrement. He’s another Cristina Salaralegui, a has-been who is desperately trying to hang on to the little he had years earlier.

    Regarding the former customs house of Cuba, goes to show you how the Cuban economy has shrunk that the customs building through which all trade into the island came and went is now being used as a hotel and cruise ship dock. Cuba has been turned into one hugh tourist resort! Que revolucion mas por gusto. Cuba se ha convertido en lo que supuestamente era antes.

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