Three Cuban women continue their hunger strike outside the United Nations in NYC

160 hours without food

From our Bureau of Gallant Quixotic Gestures via Marti Noticias

Extraordinary gumption. Amazing. But the U.N. is not known for paying attention to anyone who denounces the crimes of Castrogonia.

Let’s see where this leads, and how it ends.

Yamisderky Pelier, Niurka Primonio and Anisley Pérez continue their hunger strike in front of the UN headquarters and have not eaten food for more than 160 hours.

Among the demands of the three Cubans are a political change on the island and a change in the international community’s policy towards Cuba.

In her TikTok account, Primonio reported that the activist Pérez was taken to the hospital at one point because she had a decompensation. However, she refused to receive treatment.

Pérez, on her TikTok account, said that she is not going to stop the strike despite presenting complications. “They wanted me to eat and I refused to eat so they stabilized me,” she explained.

Similarly, the activist expressed that she trusts in God and invited her followers to do so as well. “It does not matter that they criticize us, in our hearts we know what we are doing.”

“We are still the three unmovable (plantadas), we are still the three firm here,” said Loan.

In a video recorded on Friday, Loan reported that they were informed that communication channels with the UN would be opened with them.

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  1. The UN is not known for being what it is supposed to be, and maybe it never was. It is simply a sham.

    However, as I have said before, I am opposed to hunger strikes because they tend to be a no-win situation.

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