New York Times inserts pro-dictatorship content in Op-Ed by Cuban dissidents, against their will

Verbally and ideologically raped: Coco Fusco and Armando Chaguaceda

From our Bureau of Extreme Journalistic Malfeasance

El Niuyortain’s extreme bias has been exposed by a Cuban dissident artist who recently had a co-written opinion piece published by the rabidly leftist newspaper. Nothing new here. El Niuyortain will only publish essays by Cubans that include propaganda amenable to the Castronoid Ministry of Truth.

A few years ago, when the newspaper contacted me, the editor flagrantly tried to dictate what I should say. I refused to act as their trained monkey, so, of course, they declined to publish my essay.

This time, the authors in question — Coco Fusco and Armando Chaguaceda — were so desperate to get at least SOME of the truth out that they reluctantly allowed El Niuyortain to alter their essay. As usual, bargaining with the devil resulted in disaster.

Yeah, more of the same…. same as it ever was… same as it has always been…. We are such annoying nuisances, always writing and saying what the leftist press doesn’t want anyone to read…. Ask Mr. Oliphant, he’ll tell you where we belong ….

Abridged from the Daily Wire:

Coco Fusco — a Cuban-American artist who is critical of the island’s communist government — said that editors at The New York Times muted her recent opinion piece about widespread anti-regime protests.

On August 7, Fusco and Cuban political scientist Armando Chaguaceda wrote an essay debunking the claim that the American trade embargo is a leading cause of the protest movement.

“For anyone following the demonstrations closely, it’s easy to see what the protesters are really calling for,” they explained. “Through the intrepid efforts of independent journalists who labor under constant threat, we have been given an unfiltered glimpse of these calls for freedom — the last thing that the country’s leadership wants anyone to see — as well as the state’s predictably harsh reaction.”

As mentioned by Fusco and Chaguaceda, the Black Lives Matter movement issued a statement alleging that the unrest is attributable to the embargo. Likewise, the Democratic Socialists of America — of which Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are members — expressed solidarity with the Cuban people against the blockade.

Fusco noted, however, that the editorial team inserted points that neither she nor Chaguaceda wrote or endorsed.

“The process of getting an opinion piece in the New York Times — everything favorable that appears in this article about Cuba was put in by the editors of the New York Times,” she said at a recent panel discussion. “There was a negotiation in which we lost, to a certain extent, certain battles to be able to advance the article — because deep down it was more important that certain things appeared.”

For example, the article claims that Cubans have “been able to elect only three presidents” over the course of sixty years. Fusco commented: “Many friends wrote to me — ‘Why did you say that there were elections?’ I did not say that, that was them.”

“They were always making concessions to the [Cuban] government, and that is in the position of the entire international press,” she added.

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3 thoughts on “New York Times inserts pro-dictatorship content in Op-Ed by Cuban dissidents, against their will”

  1. Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog. The NYT cannot, or certainly will not, go against its perverse nature, especially given its sense of entitlement, superiority and being untouchable. This is an act of complicity, pure and simple, and clearly a violation of the writers involved. Profoundly despicable.

    This implies, of course, that ANY Op-Ed in the NYT is suspect due to the same sort of adulteration, which is equivalent to a pay-for-play scheme. I have no doubt that this is routine practice at this rag: “You play ball with us or your piece won’t run.” Beyond disreputable, not to mention corrupt. Lord, the contempt.

  2. And by the way, Coco Fusco is not one of “those people,” as she will be the first to tell you. If she were, she either would not have been considered at all or would have been “cancelled” like the author of this post was.

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