Cuban State Security intensifies siege of a young activist’s home in Havana

The weakness of the communist Castro dictatorship becomes even more evident with its deathly fear that a young, female activist may move about and express herself freely.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

State Security intensifies police siege on Cuban activist Carolina Barrero

Cuban activist Carolina Barrero is denouncing the intensification of a police siege on her home ordered by Cuban State Security which has denied her freedom of movement for more than 120 days.

“The police siege on my home has intensified in the past week. Now to get to my house you have to show your papers at the door. The agents take a photo, call in to their superiors, and wait for the decision to ‘approve’ or not,” Carolina posted on Facebook this past Monday.

Surveillance on the young art historian has apparently increased due to a stroll she took days ago, where taking advantage of lax vigilance by the oppressors, she made it all the way to the home of her friends Camila Lobon and Katherine Bisquet, who are also under police siege. She stayed there for a few days enduring the pressure put upon them by State Security.

Now, according to Carolina, their fear that something like that may happen again has led her oppressors to scrutinize every friend who visits her house and punish them by cutting off their internet and cell phone service for showing solidarity with the activist.

“Those who are allowed to enter are punished with the cutting off of internet and cell phone service. That’s what happened with Alfredo Martinez, Carolina Sanson, and Leo Fernandez Otaño, who in spite of it all, have maintained their solidarity,” said the young woman.

“State Security insists on isolating me, as if I were an extremely dangerous criminal,” Carolina protested. “For more than 120 days this year, they have kept me under an illegal siege that makes me a prisoner in my own home and affects every aspect of my life; my friends, my family, the solitude, communication.”

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