After letter to UN denouncing human rights violations in Cuba, dissident leader Guillermo Fariñas is arrested

The communist Castro dictatorship reacted to a recent letter presented to the UN detailing its human rights violations in Cuba the way it reacts to every other criticism: with brutal repression.

Via MercoPress:

Leading dissident arrested following a letter calling on UN official to check human rights in Cuba

Cuban opponent and Sarajov Human Rights Prize from the European Parliament, Guillermo Fariñas was picked up by security forces on Wednesday at his home in the city of Santa Clara, with no information of the reason for his arrest or where he is being held.

The mother of journalist and psychologist Fariñas broke the news, “he was taken an hour ago, today 8th September”, said Alicia Hernández.

Allegedly security forces arrived at Fariñas home in Santa Clara and took him without giving any reason or excuse for the arrest.

“He never leaves the house. His sister and I look after him, take him food and whatever he needs”, said Alicia.

However not much later the NGO Prisoners Defenders, with HQ in Spain, made public the arrest of the United Antitotalitarian Front, Fantu, a leader who was also awarded the Sajarov Prize for his fight in favour of human rights.


According to the site “Diario de Cuba”, Fariñas arrest has taken place following the Democratic Cuba exile organization request to the UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet for a “condemnation or investigation” into the serious human rights violations that the Castro regime is implementing, reacting to the massive protests for food and liberty that erupted in several Cuban cities, last 11 July.

“It is unacceptable that you and your office, standing at the highest global appeal when it comes to human rights, remain in silence, which can be interpreted as an accomplice of the violation perpetrators”, the organization claimed in an open letter sent to Ms Bachelet last week.

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