Young Cuban activist violently arrested by State Security for stepping outside her home

That a young woman, an art historian, stepping outside her home poses a dire threat to the totalitarian rule of the communist Castro dictatorship shows you how weak this regime is right now.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

State Security arrests Carolina Barrero

Art historian Carolina Barrero was arrested by State Security agents on September 11 outside her home in Old Havana, according to a report posted on Facebook by journalist Alfredo Martinez.

Martinez said that both he and Barrero were waiting on a visit by Leonardo Fernandez Otaño, but security forces posted outside did not allow him entry. Barrero has been under continuous siege for more than two months. Nevertheless, she managed to escape recently and take refuge with artists Katherine Bisquet and Camila Lobon. But pressure from the regime forced her to return home.

“At this moment Carolina Barrera has just been arrested, we were waiting for Leonardo to arrive and they prohibited him from entering. Because of this, Carolina went down into the street and decided to confront the agents and demand an explanation about their illegal acts and their abusive behavior that controls every aspect of our lives. Free Carolina Barrero! Freedom for all political prisoners,” wrote Martinez.

In declarations made to ADN Cuba, Martinez, who was with Barrero, explained that State Security continues to demand any persons who visit her show their identification papers and has prevented friends and acquaintances of the art historian from visiting her.

In a video posted by Martinez, the moment is captured when two women much larger than Barrero violently arrested her and put her into police car #771.

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Here is the video of Carolina Barrero’s arrest:

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  1. It may be weakness, in part, but I expect it’s also the long-accustomed and totally “normalized” abuse of state power to enforce control by reinforcing fear of said power. Basically, this is what Castro, Inc. is about.

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