Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan very reminiscent of JFK’s Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba

Biden’s horrific decision making in Afghanistan bears a strong resemblance to the dreadful last-minute decisions made by JFK that led to the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Nestor T. Carbonell explains:

The Afghan Debacle: Echoes of The Bay of Pigs

Congressional committees will soon explore the causes and consequences of the U.S.-led evacuation in Afghanistan, a chaotic debacle which stranded Americans and local partners, emboldened our enemies and angered our allies.

Historians may not find explicit lessons or warnings relevant to this particular situation. As Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

Yet several American strategists have suggested that Biden’s dismal Afghanistan fiasco evokes memories of Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs disaster.  While the circumstances differ, there are several notable parallels.

Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs

During the 1960 presidential campaign, Kennedy criticized the Eisenhower-Nixon administration for “permitting a Communist satellite only ninety miles from the shores of the United States.”  Yet, as president, he rejected the well-thought-out invasion plan to overthrow Castro, recommended by the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  His rationale: “it put us so openly in view of the world.” In an effort to hide the obvious involvement of the United States, Kennedy pared down the operation — and condemned it to failure.

JFK fatally micromanaged the invasion (as Biden did with the Afghan withdrawal), insisting on a quiet nighttime landing of the 1,400-man U.S.-trained Cuban brigade. To meet the President’s demand, the CIA reluctantly abandoned its ideal landing site (Trinidad, which was close to the mountains where anti-Castro guerrillas were fighting), and chose instead a swampy, largely uninhabited area known as the Bay of Pigs.

Kennedy also curtailed plans for pre-invasion air raids by fake deserters, designed to destroy Castro’s attack planes on the ground. When the plot was uncovered and the U.S. involvement exposed, JFK cancelled the remaining raids. Surmising that an invasion was imminent, Castro preempted a planned uprising by detaining more than 150,000 suspected conspirators across the island. He later executed the five underground leaders. 

But the ultimate death-blow to the invasion was JFK’s cancellation of the promised air cover during the landing. As a result, two brigade ships were sunk or grounded, and three were unable to unload war materiel or disembark troop reinforcements. Under these dire conditions, and facing Castro’s overwhelming forces, the brigade men courageously fought for three days until they ran out of ammunition.

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2 thoughts on “Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan very reminiscent of JFK’s Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba”

  1. I suppose one could say JFK was a clueless spoiled rich boy playing at seasoned general, meaning he didn’t know WTF he was doing. No doubt there’s truth to that, but I think the bottom line is that he turned the whole business into self-seeking political calculation–meaning it became about him, certainly not Cuba. Needless to say, he didn’t really give a shit about the consequences–for Cubans–and neither did his people.

  2. Same for Biden’s handlers.

    Kennedy broke his promise and cut and ran refusing to give the air cover. Disgraceful.

    All of the disgraceful choices in our Aghanistan exit were deliberate, including leaving the weapons behind.
    Malevolent forces are running the U.S. government now.. They want to bring down this great country.

    Cuba shall soon have a new ally.

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