Surprising election losses for the left all across Argentina

One can only hope the people of Argentina are starting to finally realize that socialist policies only bring economic failure, corruption, and misery.

Agustina Blanco reports in El American:

The Left Lost in Argentina: What Happened?

Something” happened in Argentina on Sunday, September 12. The result of the PASO (Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory) elections left many people speechless and was a general surprise, since the fact that the leftist government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Frente de Todos) lost in almost all the national territory meant a surprise that was definitely not in their plans.

The PASO are elections that, although they are not decisive, they are exclusive. On the one hand, they mark the course of the decisions that politicians will take in the next months in view of the general elections. On the other hand, those political parties that have not reached a “floor” (i.e., a minimum percentage established) will be excluded from the general elections to be held next November.

To simplify, we could say that they are a kind of big eliminatory poll where the 44 million Argentines give their opinion among the options they have, while the politicians who manage to overcome the minimum to continue in the race measure themselves, plan and ultimately determine whether or not to change course and which names will finally go on the ballot of each party.

These elections, roughly speaking, are a way for Argentines to say to their rulers: You are doing things wrong, if you do not change your policies, your decisions, your ideas, your way of doing things, I will not vote for you in the next ones.

Those next elections are the ones that do count for those who are still in the race, since they are the “general” ones, and from those results will come out the names of the next ones to occupy the legislative seats. That is to say, in November in Argentina the Legislative Power or, in other words, the Congress (deputies and senators) will be renewed.

Now, as we said at the beginning, in the PASO there was a tremendous surprise, not only because of the crushing defeat of Kirchnerism, but also because for the first time a liberal force led by the economist Javier Milei, with little to offer (but with a lot to offer), won among the main parties of all times such as “Juntos por el Cambio” or the “Frente de Todos”, just to name the most popular ones.

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  1. The left in Argentina is still, after all these decades, openly identified with a lousy demagogue and dictator and his, uh, highly questionable wife. I mean, it’s beyond disgraceful, albeit quite Latrine. Imagine if “those people” were doing the same with Batista–they’d be even more vilified and marginalized than they already are, which is saying something. For all their pretensions, Argentines have been rather pathetic for ages.

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