Mattel launches Barbie doll that pays tribute to Celia Cruz, Cuba’s Queen of Salsa

Here’s a Barbie doll that’s sure to be a collector’s item.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Celia Cruz Barbie doll released in the U.S. in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month

On Wednesday American toy company Mattel released a Barbie doll paying homage to Cuban singer Celia Cruz. The release is tied to the Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S.

“There’s nothing more powerful than using your voice! This Hispanic Heritage Month, Barbie is thrilled to honor the memory of the inimitable ‘Queen of Salsa,’ Celia Cruz,” the company posted on social media.

The post added that the Cuban singer — who is among its “Triple Threat Latinas” — achieved great success in a music industry dominated by men and that her extensive career has provided motivation and “her long and storied career serves as endless inspiration for aspiring musicians” who receive scholarships through the foundation that bears her name.

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2 thoughts on “Mattel launches Barbie doll that pays tribute to Celia Cruz, Cuba’s Queen of Salsa”

  1. They would, of course, call her a “Latina,” which I find bogus, not so say offensive. And the doll looks much more like Mary Wilson of the Supremes than Celia.

  2. As for the “Triple Threat Latinas” bit, maybe I’m hypersensitive, but I’m calling condescension, or it certainly sounds patronizing. In other words, simple recognition and respect will do, so stop hyperventilating.

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