Gov. Ron DeSantis awards Florida’s Medal of Freedom to multi-decorated Bay of Pigs and Vietnam vet Felix Rodriguez–who also had a key role in capturing Che Guevara. “I’m very worried about what’s happening in this country,” said Señor Rodriguez at the ceremony.

“Felix’s life has been dedicated to fighting communism, to supporting freedom, to supporting liberty, and we appreciate Felix as a brave and courageous freedom fighter,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “From his service as a paramilitary officer with the Central Intelligence Agency during the Bay of Pigs Invasion to a Colonel in the United States Army at the height of the Vietnam War, Felix has marked his legacy as one of the bravest fighters for freedom in history. I am honored to award Felix the Governor’s Medal of Freedom and may God bless him and the Great State of Florida.” Entire address here.

“Rodríguez said he is concerned about a socialist regime taking control of the United States. That’s beginning to happen, he warned. And he encouraged people to vote in the 2022 election, because losing the House and Senate could lead to what he called the United States of Socialism. “Go out and make sure that we’ll regain those two houses, because that’s the only way that we’re going to save the United States of America,” Rodríguez said.