Enslaved Cuban mechanics in South Africa earn $67 million for the Castro dictatorship

Cuban mechanics in South Africa

From our Bureau of Socialist Neoslavery

Castro, Inc. is well known for sending slave doctors overseas, but its bustling human trafficking racket is actually highly diversified. Every now and then a news story surfaces about some of its other slaves-for-hire enterprises.

Today, it’s slave mechanics, and the host country happens to be South Africa, where they work under the same exploitative conditions as slave doctors, and where opposition to such human trafficking has surfaced.

Note in the story below that in addition to making millions of dollars through slave mechanics, Castro, Inc. has also been earning millions by training South African soldiers in Castrogonia, just as it trains “doctors” from various other third world countries.

Aaaah, three cheers! Praised be the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s love for tyrant Fidel Castro and his dictatorship!

But, hey…. why isn’t anyone calling for a boycott of South Africa, as they did back in the 1980’s?

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A sum of 67,811,321 dollars, the equivalent of 1,000 million rand, has been paid by the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) to the Cuban military for the so-called Thusano Project, through which Cuban technicians would have repaired at least 11,000 vehicles of that force in the last seven years.

According to a report from the Defense Web site, Cuban technicians who have worked in that country since 2014 repairing and preserving part of the military equipment with years of exploitation in South Africa have also transferred skills to local employees.

According to Army sources, 1,386 SANDF employees were part of the project, and of them 319 received “official qualifications” and 483 were transferred back to their original units, where they are working.

The Armed Forces of Cuba and South Africa also collaborate in training services and study programs, according to the same source. The South African Army has sent “dozens of students to study various subjects in Cuba. For example, in 2015, 25 South Africans were studying to become doctors and 30 SANDF staff were learning the trade of motor mechanics and other trades. technical “.

The training courses even include high-ranking officers, pilots and soldiers, according to the note. At this time, there are at least ten senior SANDF officers enrolled in a strategic defense and security program on the Island.

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  1. Maybe Mandela was stupid enough to believe Fidel’s BS, but it shouldn’t have been that hard to see through it–assuming, of course, Mandela wanted to see and cared about Cuba’s truth.

  2. I’m pretty sure they could have gotten the job done better and cheaper by somebody else, but hey, gotta support the “revolution.” Lord, the disgust.

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