Spanish court asked to investigate financial links between Cuban dictatorship and Basque separatist terrorists

From our Bureau of Socialist Friendships

The president of Prisoners Defenders, a Cuban exile human rights organization based in Spain, has initiated legal action against some Basque groups that seem to be raiding EU public funds and funneling millions of Euros to Castro, Inc.

The legal terminology is a bit dense, but the accusations are easy enough to understand. Let’s see how far this case can get in any Castrophiliac Spanish court.

From Prisoners Defenders:

Courts in Madrid received in May 2021 a complaint from the president of Prisoners Defenders for serious slander with publicity (Articles 205, 206 and 211 of the Spanish Penal Code), serious injuries with publicity (Articles 208, 209 and 211) and the crime of incitement to hatred (Articles 510 et seq.), the latter crime which, alone, carries penalties of one to four years in prison.

The courts have considered the complaint, have admitted it for processing and have called the defendants to declare as investigated.

The Spanish courts, thus, admit to processing a complaint against the network of counter-information and obtaining European funds for the Cuban regime in Spain.

A network of Associations nurtured by tens of millions of euros of European Public Funds is uncovered through local entities in the Basque Country that could be the nucleus of counter-information, intelligence, destabilization of institutions and transfer of money to the Cuban regime.

Fulll document HERE, in English