Another Cuban general dies; deceased military officers since July 11 protests is now up to 14

Image: ADN Cuba

The apparent purge of high-ranking military officers since the massive protests on July 11 in communist Cuba continues. The death of Brigadier General Diego Cobas Sanz now brings the total of dead officers to fourteen.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Active duty Brigadier General Diego Cobas dies in Cuba

Cuban Brigadier General Diego Cobas Sanz, who was the head of Combat Preparations for the Revolutionary Armed Forces, died from COVID-19 in Havana on Thursday.

State-run media outlet Canal Caribe reported the news in a brief statement limited to only mentioning the officer had joined the military in 1978 after graduating from the Antonio Maceo University of Military Sciences.

He went on to command tank battalions and became head of military operations for the region of Havana as well as Mayabeque and Artemisa. Among other posts, he was also the second-in-command of Military Personnel Preparations.

As is customary for the Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry, his body will be cremated and his ashes placed at the Revolutionary Armed Forces Pantheon at the Colon Necropolis in the capital.

Cobas Sanz is the 14th high-ranking military officer to die since July 11, when state-run media began frequent announcements of these unusual deaths. The major difference here is the others were retired while this officer was on active duty.

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  1. Let’s just say he looked well suited to his job, such as it was, which does not speak at all well of him.

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