Fidel Castro’s friend Diego Maradona enjoyed life as a cokehead and pedophile in Cuba

Maradona and his teenage Cuban sex kitten

From our Bureau of Orgies and Other Socialist Perks with some assistance from our Bureau of Acceptable Pedophilia

Argentine soccer superstar and rabid Castrophile Diego Maradona enjoyed himself immensely in Castrogonia, shacking up with teenage girls in the two houses given to him by Fidel in an upscale neighborhood, and taking these gilrs to tourist nightspots and drug-fueled orgies.

Nothing can surpass a dictator who becomes your personal pimp

These revelations have been made by one of his Cuban sex kittens who was only 16 when he seduced her.

Aaah, the privileges of the socialist upper class! Move over Jeffrey Epstein, you’ve got some stiff competition now in the circle of Hell reserved for pedophiles (double pun not intended).

Best friends forever: yes, yes, Diego, take as many girls as you want, and the younger the better, for sure….

Well, maybe not exactly the same circle… You see, Mr. Epstein, Maradona was not considered a pedophile in Castrogonia. In that wondrous socialist paradise, it’s perfectly legal to have sex with girls as young as 14, and even to marry them!

Perhaps you should have moved to Castronia, Mr. Epstein, where you would still be alive, surrounded by nubile teenage noble savages eager to meet your insatiable needs! Viva el socialismo!

Eat your heart out, Epstein! I got myself a blue-eyed Cuban teenage blonde

Loosely translated from ADN Cuba

Diego Armando Maradona began traveling to Cuba in 2000, invited by then-dictator Fidel Castro, to supposedly rehabilitate himself from his drug addiction. But the Argentine soccer star, who died on November 25, 2020, did not limit himself to rehab on the Caribbean island and even established a love affair with an underage Cuban, whom he introduced into the world of narcotics.

“Life with Maradona was very crazy: parties, discos. He took me to eat…. I never imagined that later I would get into the drugs from which it cost me so much work to get out, “recalled Mavys Álvarez twenty years later, in an interview with América Noticias, from Miami.

The young woman, who was 16 years old at the time, met Maradona on September 1, 2000, when a lifeguard at a hotel in Matanzas suggested that she accompany the famous athlete who, she was told, was in “deep depression.”

… Álvarez entered a world of luxuries forbidden to Cubans at that time (dollar restaurants, discos and hotels for foreigners …), but also in practices strictly prohibited by the regime, except for those close to him, such as the consumption of hard drugs such as cocaine.

With Maradona, Mavys Álvarez first set foot in a hotel for foreign tourists in Varadero. “He talked a lot with me and gave me confidence. I liked him. (…) He invited me with my family the next day to have dinner at the Dupont Palace ”, the young woman recalled.

“I was a child. I had no sense of wrong. He was a foreigner, a rich man, and he had noticed me. I couldn’t say no. It was a privilege to be his girlfriend, “the Cuban told América Noticias.

Maradona even took the teenager to live with him in La Pradera, an exclusive International Health Center, where Fidel Castro had provided the Argentine soccer player with two houses.

“After these years, I feel sorry for myself knowing that I was 16 years old and I was part of all that,” lamented Álvarez, who also said that Maradona proposed orgies with other women.

In Cuba, child marriage is allowed from the age of 14.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

4 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s friend Diego Maradona enjoyed life as a cokehead and pedophile in Cuba”

  1. The sleaze factor here is VERY high, but lurid though this is, it serves to illustrate what Fidel Castro was about. He was a USER, and he had ZERO scruples. True, it’s not his fault so many were practically begging to be used, but he always knew a good tool when he saw one, and he never let one go to waste.

    Alas, Latrines have been nothing if not useful to the “revolution.” That’s why I reject the “Latin” label.

  2. When Maradona died, despite having reached deep decadence, Argentina decreed 3 days of national mourning. Even in his prime, all he was ever really good for was kicking a ball around. I mean, GROW UP.

  3. The photo of the highly dysfunctional couple and their facilitator is very, uh, special. One feels sorry for the girl, of course, who was being used like an object, not to mention soiled and corrupted. Maradona looks like a painful airhead, which he was, albeit complicated by his demigod status among his countrymen (who are exceedingly dubious, and not just concerning him). And then there’s the central figure, the bearded celestina with the bulging belly, in the usual cringeworthy costume, looming over the couple like a malevolent old pervert. Even if I was not Cuban and felt no personal aversion for the bastard, I would still find the Latrine infatuation with him highly disreputable and pretty pathological. Being Cuban, I find it deeply repulsive.

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