Three more Cuban baseball players defect from national team in Mexico, 11 defections total

The communist Castro dictatorship has lost an entire baseball team + 2 at the under-23 Baseball World Cup in Mexico. The total now is 11 players who have defected and escaped slavery to the regime.

Pitcher Bryan Chi escaped the team’s handlers on Saturday right before the bronze medal game against Colombia (via CubaNet – my translation):

Cuban pitcher Bryan Chi defected from the Cuban team playing at the under-23 World Cup of Baseball being held in Mexico. Sports writer Francys Romer reported on Saturday the defection took place just a few hours before the bronze medal game between Cuba and Colombia.

After the game, two more players managed to evade the State Security agents watching them and made their escape as well (via CiberCuba – my translation):

According to a post on Twitter by journalist Francys Romero, Camaguey natives Loidel Chapelli Jr., (19) and Yandy Yanes (23), have escaped from a hotel in Hermosillo, increasing the number of “desertions” on a team that according to its manager, Eriel Sanchez, had been picked according to the patriotism of the players.

Both athletes, said Romero, made their escape at 5 or 6 in the afternoon local time after the conclusion of the game against Colombia for third place in the competition.

This number of Cuban defections at a single athletic event is unprecedented and a major pubic relations blow to the communist Cuban dictatorship. They are not only losing athletes almost a dozen at a time, but they’re losing the underserved credibility and legitimacy the international community has gifted them for decades.