Cuban dictatorship seeks 8-year prison sentence for young man who live streamed July 11 protests

The communist Castro dictatorship has zero tolerance for anyone who challenges their tyranny, but even less tolerance for those who broadcast it.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Young Cuban who live streamed the July 11 protests in San Antonio de los Baños faces eight years in prison

Cuban authorities are looking to sentence Yoan de la Cruz Cruz to eight years in prison for live streaming on Facebook the protests in San Antonio de los Baños on July 11.

The mother of the accused said she is “going insane” and claimed that “he didn’t do anything that warrants so many years,” according to a chat she had with a friend on Facebook.

“All he did was shoot a video and now they’re accusing him of disrespect,” said the woman.

In another Facebook post, the young man’s aunt, Ivis Cruz, said “the injustice of this murderous government” is too much and confirmed her nephew is facing eight years of prison.

“A kid whose only crime is filming a video on July 11, there is no reason for this. How is it when it comes to human rights, the UN and all the other organizations allow this in Cuba, for atrocities like this to be committed simply for thinking differently. How long will they pretend to be deaf? Enough with the abuses, release them you miserable people,” she said angrily

De la Cruz Cruz was arrested and imprisoned on July 22 in San Antonio de los Baños.

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