Despite calling itself a ‘medical power,’ communist Cuba has world’s highest COVID rate

The communist Castro dictatorship and its supporters can lie about Cuba’s healthcare system all they want, but it’s the Cuban people who ultimately pay the price for their corruption and incompetence.

Via the Cuba Archive Project:

Cuba: the highest COVID rate in the world

Cuba, with the highest COVID rate in the world, insists on its “medical power” façade

(The following text is from a detailed report containing more data and a bibliography, “Cuba’s COVID mortality and vaccination: myth and reality.)” 

Cuba has for weeks reported the highest rate of per capita COVID cases in the world. If the actual deaths were accurately reflected in the data, Cuba would rank even worse and might even reflect the deadliest pandemic outcome (mortality as a percentage of positive cases) for any one country to date. The plight of Cuba’s citizens and a needlessly high cost in lives is a tragedy that numbers cannot describe.

Such a dire outcome would not surprise most Cubans on the island. While Cuba has the highest percentage of elderly population of all of Latin America and the Caribbean, it has had acknowledged shortages in diagnostic tests, medication, and oxygen. The shortages are reported as extreme in social media and independent news, which almost daily also report on overflowing hospitals, lacking and overworked medical personnel, overburdened morgues and crematories, and mass burials.

Cuba’s health infrastructure is in shambles thanks to extreme under-investment by the socialist state, which controls almost 100% of the centrally-planned economy and has a monopoly on health. Many hospitals are filthy and falling apart, lack even running water, air conditioning even in ICU units, and bed sheets; ambulances are scarce luxuries few can count on. In 2020, with the pandemic underway, Cuba spent just $28.1 million on public health and social assistance (0.8% of total investment) as it invested $4.1 billion on hotel and rental property real estate. Meanwhile, the investment in repression, propaganda, a huge diplomatic corps, and an indulged intelligence service is not reported but known to be very high.

What is the real mortality rate from COVID?

In August 2021, Cuba’s Minister of Health acknowledged that, despite a shortage in diagnostic tests, only people with a positive result at the time of death were counted as having died of COVID. Many health workers and relatives of victims have also reported in social media from Cuba that death certificates conceal COVID fatalities by reporting cause of death as pneumonia, influenza, or pulmonary embolism. The New York Times published that the official report of 8 daily deaths from coronavirus in the city of Guantánamo in August 2021 did not correspond with 69 deaths reported in just one day by a city government official on state television (the actual deaths would have been eight times higher). Even Cuba’s state-controlled media has been informing of the death from COVID of a large number of celebrities, eminent doctors/scientists, retired military leaders, government leaders, and Communist Party figures.

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  1. Castro, Inc. also insists on pushing its useless vaccine, not only on Cubans but on other countries–for money, of course. And yes, there ARE buyers for the crappy concoction. Unbelievable. Or not.

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