Cuban dictatorship intensifies its persecution of black evangelical church

The Reverend Alain Toledano Valiente

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice with assistance from our new Bureau of Uppity Black Cubans

This is the ultimate goal of socialists everywhere: To silence everyone who dares to disagree with them.

Consequently, twenty-first century Christians are as as much of a threat to socialists as first century Christians were to Roman Emperors.

And when those Christians happen to be black, they’re even more of a threat to hypocritical dictatorships such as that of Castrogonia, which constantly claims to have eliminated racism and vastly improved the lives of Afro-Cubans.

How dare these uppity “negritos” and “mulaticos” make the so-called Revolution look bad? Ingrates.

So, this is why pastor Alain Toledano’s church has been a target of harassment for several years and why that harassment has increased since the July 11 demonstrations. Oh, by the way, this congregation meets in a tent because their church building was demolished by the Castro dictatorship, along with the house in which the pastor and his family lived.

Don’t expect the Congressional Black Caucus or the Black Lives Matter folks to condemn Castrogonia’s pesecution of an uppity black and “Latinx” pastor and his congregation. As we all know, Cuban Black Lives don’t matter at all.

Alain Toledano’s Emmanuel Church

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Members of Pastor Alain Toledano Valiente’s Emanuel church in Santiago de Cuba, have been summoned and interrogated in recent days by the political police.

Toledano Valiente told Radio Martí that in less than two weeks about eight Christians have received threats, for supporting his pastor and for his publications on social networks.

“For several weeks we have had a frontal attack by the regime against all of our people and I have singers from worship groups, I have leaders, I have pastors who are being summoned and interrogated daily,” declared Pastor Toledano.

The attacks and pressures on this religious congregation have existed for several years, but as the situation on the island has been tense with the additional problems brought by the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of medicines and basic food, the arrests, threats and vigilance have intensified against the Emanuel church.

“The last (questioned) was my son-in-law, the boyfriend of one of my daughters, who just came out of an interrogation a few minutes ago; They summoned him yesterday and he was the last, so far, to be questioned. Eight people in less than two weeks! ”, Said the religious leader.

According to Toledano, one or two of the community members are summoned by the political police on a daily basis. “The issue is the same: the support they give me, the support they have for the freedom of Cuba; threats in terms of what they post on social media. They are trying to intimidate them so that they do not publish anything and, so that they do not join the march of November 20 (changed to November 15) ”.

“They tell him: ‘Your pastor is going to trial soon,’ and they are going to disappear me,” the pastor lamented.

Alain Toledano Valiente concluded by listing the points on which all the interrogations of the members of his church revolve, among which are the demands that they leave the congregation, that they not get involved in the 15N march. “To some”, said Toledano, “they have taken photos and have already been booked and, to others, they have even made proposals to work for State Security, which has been rejected.”

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  1. Well, if these bad Negroes refuse to let Massah Castro’s “revolution” make human beings out of them, they deserve whatever they get. It’s not Castro, Inc.’s fault that some people refuse to be “emancipated.”

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