Castro ‘kompromat’ operation may have helped Maradona groom and traffic a teenage Cuban girl

The communist Castro dictatorship has long been known to secretly record prominent foreign individuals and celebrities and use any compromising information to blackmail and force them to serve the regime’s interests.

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Did Castro regime officials assist Soccer star Diego Maradona in grooming and trafficking a 16-year-old-girl? Was this done to gain “Kompromat”?

The Independent reported on October 11, 2021 that “new video has surfaced adding weight to claims by a woman that football legend Diego Maradona seduced her when she was 16, gave her drugs and kept her locked in a hotel. Mavys Alvarez also claims that she was forced to get breast implants after being groomed and flown to Argentina from her native Cuba by Maradona’s associates, without the permission of her parents.”

Cubans in 2001 were not allowed to travel outside of the island. Fidel Castro gave the authorization for the minor to travel with Maradona. According to Mavys Álvarez, “the only way to travel was either with the permission of the parents, being at least 18 years old, or through Fidel. Maradona was able to get the authorization and she traveled out of the country in November 2001.

Diego Maradona, an international soccer legend, and enthusiastic supporter of the Castro dictatorship, could still have been targeted by the Castro regime with compromising photos to gain leverage over the sports celebrity.

The Cuban government’s intelligence service has a history of carrying out “kompromat”, called “honey traps” in English. “Kompromat” is “the Russian art of obtaining compromising material on prominent individuals in order to exert leverage over them,” according to The Conversation. The Cuban intelligence service was formed, and trained by both the East German Stasi and the Soviet KGB, and have their own extensive history on this tactic, and below is an example that made the news.

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3 thoughts on “Castro ‘kompromat’ operation may have helped Maradona groom and traffic a teenage Cuban girl”

  1. The guy was such a disgusting pig. Practically his only excuse is that he was VERY spoiled by his absurd deification over the fact he was good at kicking a damn ball around–which was pretty much the ONLY thing he ever had going for him. But he had another excuse–he was a moron, which his host and enabler certainly wasn’t, and the latter knew exactly what he was doing and why.

  2. Asombra,

    Maradona was a latrine in excelsius and you’re right, castro knew exactly what was going on, but remember to the sociopath, Cubans were his property, so that pretty young thing was no doubt nothing more than his to do as he pleased.

    • The girl was not seen as a person but as an implement for use to further the interests of the Maximum User. The point was to give Maradona whatever toy he wanted to fuel his fantasy of Fidel as a “second father,” and of course to keep him vocally pro-Castro, Inc. for PR purposes, especially among the Latrine crowd. She was basically the equivalent of meat fed to a pet dog. The whole business could hardly be clearer.

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