Diplomatic Cubanization intensifies: ‘Havana Syndrome’ injuries reported by U.S. diplomats in Colombia

U.S. embassy in Bogota

From our Bureau of Socialist Neurological Diplomacy

Santa mierda de los perros de San Lazaro! Yesterday it was Berlin, today it’s Bogota.

“Havana Syndrome” is spreading as quickly as the coronavirus plague, or so it seems. With each such new “infection” around the globe attention is deflected from Castrogonia — the place where it all began — but there is no denying Castro, Inc.’s role in the creation of this new kind of stealth warfare.

If it began in Castrogonia, you can be sure that Castro, Inc. had a pivotal role to play in the creation and deployment of this terrifying weapon. A better name for this phenomenon would be “Castro Zapping Syndrome”… but the polite Castrophillic Canadian term “Havana Syndrome” is now probably impossible to dislodge… Too bad…. You know this is only going to keep spreading….

From El Guolstriyurnal (Wall Street Journal)

At least five American families connected to the bustling U.S. Embassy in Colombia have been afflicted with the mysterious neurological ailment known as Havana Syndrome, in the latest attack against American diplomatic installations, people familiar with the matter said.

In emails to embassy personnel, sent by Ambassador Philip Goldberg and others and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the State Department vowed to address the issue “seriously, with objectivity and with sensitivity,” as they work to determine the scope of the afflictions in one of the U.S.’s most important diplomatic outposts.

The sprawling embassy, one of the largest the U.S. operates in the world, is a target-rich installation of intelligence agents and anti-narcotics operatives, in addition to the usual complement of aid and development workers and diplomats.

The developments come days before Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to visit.

Embassy staff were initially alerted to “an unexplained health incident” via email in mid-September. A later email, dated Oct. 1, informed embassy personnel that the regional security office was investigating “additional Anomalous Health Incidents,” the U.S. government’s term for the illness.

The October email added that “there is no stigma to reporting any health-related incident in which the underlying causes are not known.”

Two cases had initially been reported when embassy officials were first made aware of potential incidents, but several more people are now believed to have been affected, several officials said. One U.S. official said that at least one family was flown out of the country for treatment, and concerns have grown more serious in recent days.

“There was definitely a family, including a minor hit,” said a person with knowledge of the situation in the embassy. “Adults sign up for what they sign up for and the risks that come with it…. Targeting or even incidentally hitting kids should be a hard red line.”

A former high-ranking U.S. diplomat who is familiar with the syndrome said that as in other cases around the world, some of those Americans who have complained about the ailments in Colombia work in intelligence.

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